Outrage Sunday 168 not about smoking

I paused while accompanying Krazy Kym in and out of Midland bazaars to admire this PoVi artwork (I apologise for the clouds marring the relentless blue sky): lightartHere in Midland we’re into art, and we love philosophy. I was entanced by this letter in The Echo. I think TLA should invite the correspondent to join The Cuban Book Burning Club… rabidnationIf you missed my (much shorter) letter to a different newspaper which also had a philosophical bent, knock yourself out. It provoked this counterblast. And beret-tip to balcony-tripper Bento, who admired the quotes in this David ‘Ding Dong’ Bell scoop: pedoHave a rage-maintaining Sunday, and don’t get bogged! bogged

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17 Responses to Outrage Sunday 168 not about smoking

  1. Snuff says:

    Excellent edition, DFOC. Entancement, Godwin’s, Joyce Kilmer, Orwell, and pedos. I’m a little disappointed that “the balded, gnarly crooked thing gone because it looks like an angry skeleton’s hand bursting from the ground” wasn’t afforded quotation marks. Perhaps David Bell had run out of them, or that’s commonplace in Beaconsfield ?


  2. Rolly says:

    Interesting to see a Toyota recovering another Toyota.

    It’s usually a Toyota dragging a Jeep, Landrover. Merc or Musso out of the mire.


  3. NF#1 says:



  4. LJSearles says:

    Jesus H Christ minivans towing minivans.


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