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Outrage Sunday 168 not about smoking

I paused while accompanying Krazy Kym in and out of Midland bazaars to admire this PoVi artwork (I apologise for the clouds marring the relentless blue sky): Here in Midland we’re into art, and we love philosophy. I was entanced … Continue reading

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Outrage Sunday 158 the wrong priorities

Back in Kalamunda already! This outstanding letter in The Echo this weekend. Is this the finest example of Godwin’s Law ever? N. Holborow needs to get down the hill, into Midland: elephant steaks and salad could supplement those baked beans. … Continue reading

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Four Fascists of Beaconsfield

Wow, two masterpieces in a row. If you thought yesterday’s was good, how about this? Someone really had a thing for mid 20th century strongmen in Beaconsfield. As discovered by Alasdair when out house hunting. The agent apparently made no … Continue reading

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The end.

I have mixed feelings about this. The shop had its moment in the TWOP sun, and it had a good media/journalism section – but jobs are being lost, and there is apostrophe abuse here, and the shop smacked a bit … Continue reading

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Hitler, the gift that keeps giving.

Jackie sent this picture which was just perfect for Christmas Eve. A staff recommendation for a Christmas literary gift in Borders Perth. Update: A nice grovelling apology from Borders below who must have been horrified to receive a complaint/enquiry from … Continue reading

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