Echo Breach, far away in time…

Some may have been amused by the Echo Newspaper being taken apart by Media Watch last week. The timing therefore could not be worse for their big anniversary dinner last night, when these mugs were handed out with independent spelt incorrectly. Oh the humanity. Oh the independance! If Jonathon Holmes sees this, I hope he doesn’t start singing Echo Beach. For some reason he was singing in last week’s show.

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42 Responses to Echo Breach, far away in time…

  1. orbea says:

    Ideal for drinking sour grapes


  2. Jaidyn-Jaxxon says:

    Whole thing reeks of typo. Is that a ‘J’? Should be Year’s.


  3. The price of these mugs will be surging on the black market.


  4. BrownBook says:

    Might be wrong, but isn’t there a case for saying 1985-2010 is actually 26 years?


  5. Natalia Fan #1 says:

    Without local government press releases to fall back upon, the Echo staff obviously struggled with the text for the mug.


  6. Bill O'Slatter says:

    How can they afford a piss up after DFOC’s ruined them ?


  7. skink says:

    off piste…

    article from The Grauniad in which famous musicians are asked to recount their favourite moment on stage. For some reason they asked Luke “Lord Gaga” Steele.

    He uses it as an opportunity to bemoan the lack of ooshta in his home town

    New York is much better, it appears. who knew? well, Shallow Spice could have told him


  8. Thomo says:

    Media watch duly notified:

    Many thanks for your email. We appreciate tips and comments from our viewers and look at all of them. One of our researchers will be in touch if we need any further information. Please be sure to keep us posted if you see anything else that you think should be on Media Watch.

    Kind regards,
    Jo Jarvis
    Story Editor
    Media Watch


  9. skink says:

    speaking of typos, Shallow Spice and all things second rate

    Daile has a rather splendid typo on her column today–the-cheats-public-aplology/20100806-11kyk.html


  10. Mr Samsa says:

    i think, you are the “mugs’

    trample on dreams why dont you,

    Everyone makes mistakes, you shouldn’;t throw stones in grrengrocers shops.

    Not you greg – “CHEERRS’.


  11. This isn’t the Kimberely Echo is it?????


  12. Grrr says:

    Unrelated to anything, but this is the Finland version of The Word of Findland:


  13. greggo says:

    pe(n)dant ..I bet the Echo people are laughing their guts out at the ABC, joke’s on you.


  14. missexcellence says:

    whoa that place has gone waaaaaayyyyy down hill


  15. DFOC Rocks!!! says:

    BTW good on you! Keep breaking that shithole down


  16. DFOC Rocks!!! says:

    everyone saying back off or poor them. Screw that.
    They want to publish? They want to sell papers?
    Get it right or GTFO


  17. Bill O'Slatter says:

    The industry has voted. The Echo are the biggest losers.


  18. The Legend 101 says:

    Some of the kids at my school are in like year 5 and 6 and they spell diary and Dairy OMG whats wrong with the teachers theese days and they don’t even correct it.


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