Outrage Sunday 158 the wrong priorities

Back in Kalamunda already! This outstanding letter in The Echo this weekend. Is this the finest example of Godwin’s Law ever? letterN. Holborow needs to get down the hill, into Midland: elephant steaks and salad could supplement those baked beans. elephantThe Google machine was Broken at Teh West on Wednesday. They had figured it out by Friday, though. ICWhy isn’t it 1983 again? What Kalamunda needs is a marina. My jam butties will look good on these babies! coasters

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9 Responses to Outrage Sunday 158 the wrong priorities

  1. Rong1 says:

    They put us out of our miseries by building bypass roads around Bunbury, Midland, etc. Perhaps Kalamunda could be next.


  2. Sir Bill International says:

    Sir Davo, you always start a dropdown, no way out,no coming back, argument by “Hitler exterminated the Jews”. Your argument is proved , End of story. Quod is lemonstandi. Further , Sir, in your “A short history of the ‘stache” Hitler makes an appearance , and in my day desert was spelt dessert. These modern days freak me out .
    Singed , Cranky old,demented zombie of Kal. Now waitress bring me me coffee and bib, and how am I going to get home with these crazy street signs.


    • rottobloggo says:

      Slapdown on the drop down Sir Dr Billz?? But teh Godwin can only be on teh internets, say the young berks. Get online in Kalamunda and see if you’re butty or batty!


      • Sir Bill International says:

        Sir, My life revolves around Hitler. I have built a Tiger tank in the back yard and even tho it is only good for 1000 kilometres that is sufficient distant for me to drive down Haynes St demolishing it on the way to Council chambers to do the same, then on to Perth. Good day , Sir and I leave battering your butty to you Sir ! Lisa Scaffidi may yet have her butty buttered.
        Singed Crazy Old Coot.


  3. BSWAM says:

    The final sentance int he letter suggests that the writer is wondering if it’s worth while to drop in unannounced.


  4. Hasn’t IC covered that street sign thing before? You like years ago when it first happened?


  5. vegan says:

    yes, it has covered it, and got it right the first time.


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