Weekend Worstoff 235

Andrew P. noted this in East Victoria Park, I’m guessing on Bourbon Street. Dinosaur carrying Singapore’s version of Emu Export. I’m sure we’ve asked the question about why Tiger beer is so bad in the past. I’m sure there must have been a South Australian or a New Zealander involved in the original recipe. And does that sign say “Buskers Wanted”? That’s not a phrase you hear often.week235dino
Some multi worsting sign work from Pete F.week235sign
And he also pointed out that Hobart has a worse scene for crews and bunches than we do. week235crew
And Luke notes that Willie Porteous is moving into the Sinagra area.week235re
Worst well.

About The Lazy Aussie

Commended Haiku writer. A lover of The West's Worst. Perth stand-up comedian, photographer and writer.
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14 Responses to Weekend Worstoff 235

  1. Snuff says:

    And your what not open ? Maybe they’re following Hunter’s schedule.

    Not worst on the Sinagra sign. Probably offering a slab of Tiger, minus the singlet.


  2. rottobloggo says:

    Kim & Dave! Now they are happening.


  3. rottobloggo says:

    A Tiger T-shirt
    Helps with busker money
    And T-Rex droppings.


  4. PeteF says:

    Nice haiku’s gents
    Truly scary in billboard
    Thus Tasmania


  5. BSWAM says:

    Whenever I wnat to buy real estate, I always signal my willingness do so by scrawling a description of the property desired onto a piece of cardboard and then taping the cardboard to a metal fence somewhere.

    Certainly beats waiting until after 10:30 AM for someone your not sure will ever show.


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