Flame On

“And the fires of hell are as nothing to the flames some plonkers will paint onto their chariots, and neither whores of babylon, nor beasts with numerous heads will ever convince them how shithouse it makes their chariots appear to the righteous vehicle owner.” Jesus to the moneylenders and amateur car artists, outside teh temple.

Now if you have to paint flames on your car, (and you don’t) it should indicate that your vehicle travels so fast that it bursts into flame. Not that it has caught fire in the driveway and that you might have to run out in your dressing gown and spray it with the garden hose. Appalling. A laughing stock of a car. Should be parked next to the toilet in Success. I had to block traffic to get this for you.

About The Lazy Aussie

Commended Haiku writer. A lover of The West's Worst. Perth stand-up comedian, photographer and writer.
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39 Responses to Flame On

  1. squib says:

    oh… oh that is sad



  2. Warnin : here’s comes the bleedin obvious :
    “This wheel’s on fire
    Rolling down the road
    Best notify my next of kin
    This wheel shall explode !”


  3. Rolly says:

    This happens all too often when you brake hard in a stock production “Aussie”(actually American) car.
    Ask anyone who’s ever had their trailer brakes fail on a long downhill slope.
    Flamin’ rubbish, much like the kind of petrol-vapour head who has money to chuck away on stupid crap like this.
    It’s so hard just making ends meet. *Not*


  4. There were bonnet flames too.


  5. flynn says:

    Almost anything improves the look of a grey car,
    but not this.


  6. Rolly says:

    @4 The Lazy Aussie

    “There were bonnet flames too.”

    Well, it’s not unusual for them to be *under* the bonnet too.


  7. forkboy says:

    Isaiah 66:15

    See, the LORD is coming,
    and his chariot is painted with flames;
    he will bring down his anger with fury,
    and his rebuke with flames of fire.

    FUCK ME!!!!……I always though GOD to be a Holden man.


  8. That is very good Forkboy : is this a good translation from the original Aramaic : I find it hard to believe
    1,that they painted their chariots
    2. that they had the bad taste to paint flames on their chariots.


  9. It seemed to have a family in it. Why would you do that to the ordinary family sedan?


  10. forkboy says:

    and the “Good Book” is not one big exercise in poetic licence?…………..I only took a small one for the purpose of comedy…..Gulity as charged your Worship.


  11. Forkboy ,you calling that logical and coherent work , the holy bible , a big exercise in poetic licence. I think you need your poetic licence revoked , and your plumber’s mate licence restored. ( This explains a lot Cookster) ,My correct title is Your Billship.


  12. forkboy says:

    well I am residing in Success so I guess you got me……


  13. SkyLantern says:

    Highway to Hell!

    Sometimes I don’t know how you manage to take these photos, LA. I’d be laughing so much I wouldn’t be able to hold the camera still.


  14. CK says:

    Has anybody considered the possibility that the vehicle might actually be on fire? Those flames look pretty realistic to me.

    Think of the children!


  15. CK says:

    Oh yes, and “oh the humanity” etc etc etc


  16. B.T. says:

    I’m thinkin’ it’s one of them there ironical statements.


  17. CK says:

    Ford owners don’t do irony.


  18. Actually there’s a quote I should have used.
    “It was a bucket. But Fuck it. It had to do.”
    Ice Tea


  19. Irony would have been a sticker “My other car is not on fire.”


  20. forkboy says:

    pure gold Lazy


  21. Mazarina says:

    and critics dare to say Perth is dull.


  22. Snuff says:

    I was standing there, waiting for the lights to change on the corner of Wellington and Barrack Streets one afternoon, when a car suddenly stopped in the middle of Wellington St. The driver jumped out and flipped open the bonnet to reveal an entire engine bay in flames. He then ran inside some office block, and within 30 seconds came running back out with another guy who was dressed in overalls and weilding a huge fire extinguisher with which he proceeded to douse the engine, as if he’d been waiting in there all his life for this very moment.

    We rubberneckers were mightily disappointed, yet curiously impressed.


  23. Snuff says:

    No. Wielding.


  24. A guy from North Perth Plaza Liquorland extinguished my burning Volkswagen in the mid 80’s.


  25. Snuff says:

    With beer, TLA ? Commiserations. Damn insurance company stooges !


  26. Cookster says:

    A hunka, hunka burning shit. I donated by 1973 Toyota Corona to FESA earlier this year so they could practice rescuing dummies out of burning vehicles… it seemed a fitting way to end the relationship.


  27. Rolly says:

    In one year, 1978, I think, I used up 3 extinguishers on other peoples cars which had engine bay fires.
    Not one of the miserable buggers offered to reimburse me the cost of the units let alone offering a slab for my efforts.
    Perhaps I foiled their insurance claim scams.


  28. It’s traditional to stiff the guy with the extinguisher for the refill cost. I figure they only want to impress people by taming our old enemy fire, so they get that as payment. Having an extinguisher is a cry for help. Like having a ute, which means, i have no mates, so why don’t I cart your shit around for free, and you will give me attention for doing so.


  29. Rolly says:

    Having a fire extinguisher was, in those days of unreliable mechanics and motor manufacturing was almost a necessity: As the service car to an amateur rally team, absolutely vital.
    And no, it wasn’t the sport enthusiasts who got into bother, but the spectators who hung about hoping for blood. Christ knows how many of them I dragged out of ditches and ploughed paddocks.


  30. huckle says:

    One of my friends set his delivery van on fire with ash blown into the back from the fag he was smoking as he was driving. He thought that the best course of action was to drive it into a petrol station. People scattered like wildebeest on the plains.


  31. Rolly says:

    With friends like that, who needs enemies?


  32. lazy – is that you in the stolen council orange safety vest pedalling past illegally on the footpath?


  33. I am the flames FX. I am the flames.


  34. amy says:

    You sure that’s now a Mexicans car?


  35. No, here is a shot of a Mexican’s car from my visit to Taxco a few years ago. A hearse actually.


  36. B.T. says:

    Come to think of it, a Ford with flames is a frightening thing for an American. Google “Ford Pinto” and “exploding gas tank” to find out why.


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