Cry Havoc and let loose the dogs of freedom.

This Freedom Centre has always been at war with Eastasia. Apparently the facade is groaning with anti freedom laminated signs. Hand rendered anti smoking laminate is the very badge of the anti free. (A la Dumbarse House). Using a laminator is a virtual guarantee of an intoxicating freedom from irony at least. Any bets that inside, the use of the microwave  ‘is a privilege and not a right”? And that those who have not kicked in for the 10kg drum of International Roast, (or is it Copper Kettle?) are right now receiving a scathing laminator based reprimand? From Brer Bento. Wait is that La Bento reflected, wearing a tie and a pink shirt. Freedom is a good servant but a bad master my friend. And don’t fucking park there either.

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Commended Haiku writer. A lover of The West's Worst. Perth stand-up comedian, photographer and writer.
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54 Responses to Cry Havoc and let loose the dogs of freedom.

  1. Snuff says:

    Their mugshots Faces of Freedom project blog features some very happy and … woah … let loose the dogs indeed !


  2. David Cohen says:

    You could park a T-34 on that tie.


  3. Natalia Fan #1 says:

    NF#1’s Wank of the Day:

    It’s a common misconception (partly stemming from confusion between metaphysical and political conceptions) that freedom is an absolute value. “Freedom” is always accompanied by restraints; in truth, one might say that such constraints are a condition of whatever freedom we might enjoy, particularly within a civil society.

    That feels better….


  4. skink says:

    I am curious to know – what’s the difference between pansexual and omnisexual?

    is it different from hypersexual and quasisexual?

    perhaps I should ask the man in the pink shirt


  5. Bento says:

    The shirt is blue. We metrosexuals abandoned our pink shirts even before we started turning our collars up.


  6. orbea says:

    Freedoms just another word for don’t know how to vote innit?


  7. orbea says:

    Does that sign on the left say “No cocksmokers”?


  8. B.T. says:

    Can I park there or not?


  9. Turf says:

    You are free to park anywhere.
    Just not here.


  10. Jim Clarence says:

    Freedom Centre is for young people having a struggle coming out, they don’t need you making fun of it. Its actually an example of the best of perth and a unique organisation in Australia.
    Smoking and too much driving will kill you so please take your filthy habits and desires elsewhere.


  11. anon says:

    The Freedom Centre is a health-department sponsored organisation, which is why it is anti drugs, smoking and alcohol. Seriously, how hard is it to google something before you feebly attempt to rip into it? Have you bothered to check the centre out and get to know the people who dedicate their time to volunteering there and the kids who NEED it as a support service, or were you to busy complaining about everything on the internet?

    As far as the “worst” of Perth, you’re scraping the bottom of the barrel when you’re making a dig at a place like FC. It’s almost totally run by volunteers and is the only opportunity for many queer people who are under 18 to meet others in similar situations and access unbiased advice about coming out and handling their sexuality or gender identity. It’s depressing that you’re so lacking in content for your blog that you have to mock “no parking” signs. May I suggest going outside for a change? surely you’re developing a case of RSI with all that F5ing you must be doing.


    • So you’re the one in charge of the laminator then.


      • Angel says:

        Hey, pigfucker, get the fuck off their back!
        They are a government run organisation, they can’t have smoking on the premises by law.

        Not to mention there is a difference between “freedom” in which they mean freedom from intolerent fuckheads like you and “freedom” to ruin other people’s lives by damaging their lungs. And it means you can’t park there UNLESS you are going to be using the building, which is something that is done by ALL, not just private, property. You really are the dumbest bigot that I have ever met.

        You are lucky you’ve hidden your identity, because if I met you in the street I’d fucking cut your balls off.


        • Jeezus, must be a real joy to work in that place with rays of sunshine like yourself on board.


        • Bill O'Slatter says:

          Hey fuckwit neither LA nor me hide our identities. And if I meet you in the street it will be a tussle to see whose balls come off first.


          • Complaining about anonymous mild ribbing of their sign and resonding with anonymous threats of violence? The Freedom Centre really must mean freedom from irony. Anon, you might need to look for the bigot a lot closer to home. A LOT closer. These freedomisers seem to be bigger idiots than country bumpkins. Two of them have felt the need to explain no parking signs.


        • shazza says:

          Angel you cannot be serious.
          I don’t know if you are an over reactive imbecile because youv’e struggled in your journey to come to terms with your sexuality, or if you were born a fuckwit, but you are out of line.

          It was simply the juxtaposition of the concept of Freedom with the signs that made the pic funny.

          As they say in Bali, Tuffin up Princess.


    • Well of course I googled it. I don’t believe any of the work was criticised. The main target ended up being the metrosexual who took the photo – the only kind of “sexual” not supported by the freedom centre. What’s really depressing is how someone with no sense of humour such as yourself has become involved with the group. This is all too common. This type of organsation unfortunately tends to become a magnet for those who still thinks it’s possible to laminate themselves some kind of personality, and because they “volunteer” no-one is able to tell them to fuck off and take their “please flush the toilet” signs with them.


      • Bento says:

        I came to terms with my metrosexuality years ago – my poor mum couldn’t help but notice my haircuts getting more and more expensive, and my jeans getting tighter and tighter.

        No one does passive aggression victimhood quite like the anti-oppression arm of the earnest left. Are you lot so sensitive you can’t see the qualitative difference between poking fun at laminated signage, and homophobia? If so, god help the poor saps that you ‘help’ in their difficult times.


    • WAtching says:

      You guys have really missed the point. I don’t think anyone has criticised the work of the Freedom Centre nor the values it upholds. I’d bet London to a brick that a vast majority of commenters are happy for the work of organisations such as the Freedom Centre.

      The post is about the irony of being a ‘Freedom’ Centre and the fact that there are signs out front prohibiting activities. May I suggest that you re-read the post and then point out to me any bigoted comments.

      PS: If you don’t want to be featured here, lay off the laminator and avoid Comic Sans and Papyrus.


  12. Mikey says:

    I’d just like to say that as someone who goes to the freedom centre regularly, I can assure you that we’re not all like “Angel” up there. I don’t think anything that’s been said in this entry was particularly funny, but I’m not about to start threatening castration to people over the internet because they posted something that wasn’t in my vein of humour. He needs to lighten the fuck up.

    What’s really depressing is that he’s come on here full of bravado, trying to defend the place, and ended up making it look like it’s full of ignorant, violent pricks. Also, it’s kind of a dicky thing to call people out over being anonymous when you yourself comment anonymously…


  13. The Legend 101 says:

    Some kids went to a party in Claremount and a bull terrier killed 5 of those kids aged 10-11 and one girl even needed surgery dew to a 10cm bledding scratch down her face.


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