To the person who SHITS…

We had the UWA toiletteurs the other day, but Bento Trumps it with a chilling sign from his own building. In what white rage must this sign have been printed out? Imagine the horror of seeing shit in a toilet! It’s enough to send anyone over the edge  – and straight to the laser printer! The printers of these signs belong in a worst category of their own. The category of sign printing fuckwits.  I would submit this to the passive agressive site, but there’s not much passive about it. I would be tempted to wipe my arse with it and replace it on the wall. perhaps cadre Bento can sneak a smear of vegemite from the kitchen (Where the use of the microwave would be a PRIVILEGE not a right!!!!!!!) and give this sign a bit of a skiddy. And then rephotograph it.shits


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30 Responses to To the person who SHITS…

  1. skib says:

    Ah, sign printing fuckwits. At a former workplace, the boss printed a note about not using the photocopier so much, and put a copy in every employee’s pigeon-hole. It had less RAGE though – would have been a nice touch.


  2. poor lisa says:

    My workplace has a serial “whoever used the last of the toilet roll and didn’t replace it how hard is it to change the roll!!!” poster. Has the effect of provoking unsound scribbles like “time of the month dear?”.


  3. Bento says:

    I would rather dip my hand in shit than get anywhere near an open jar of Vegemite.

    Lamentably, the sign is gone, having lasted less than a week. I like to think the cleaner looked at it and thought: “What the fuck is this cunt’s problem? I’m the poor cunt has to clean it up.”


  4. Onanist says:

    I heard it wasn’t tiny.


  5. Bento has resigned the bog! See the new photo.


  6. ChaingeDaile says:

    We have an awesome sign on our toilets (which i wont take a picture of cause i’ll look like a perv taking a camera in there) which directs you as follows:
    Step 1. Open Flaps.
    Step 2. Insert sanitary pad.
    Step 3. Close Flaps.
    Labia Elongata much?


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  8. The Legend 101 says:

    I saw a toilet that was just a hole and your usage goes into nowhere. I got dirsturbed because the guy before me had done a gaint number two.


  9. AR says:

    I remember seeing a sequence of signs in a toilet cubicle at Adelaide Uni, decrying covert smoking in the facilities:

    ‘Could the person smoking in the toilets please stop. When I go to the toilet, I enjoy the natural odours of voided bowel, and this is being violated by the repugnant smell of cigarette smoke….’


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  11. Zuben says:

    UWA is just a finishing school


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