Plus we have you on video dickhead

Is this as bad as putting up an anti skidmark sign in the staff bog? Another from G’day. videoAnd1  from zippy just because apparently I never put anything up they send. I need to change email. I can’t highlight things in hotmail. I’m sure this is much gold I have in my inbox which would be just too hard to find. Zippy says…

Hi Lazy,
Add this to your collection of images I’ve sent in that you never publish. The plaque is on the wharf at Freo. The fish and chips were WAY over priced, but the waitress happily explained the Shit On You acronym free of charge. Nice. Much love, Zippy. seagull


About AHC McDonald

Comedian, artist, photographer and critic. From 2007 to 2017 ran the culture and satire site The Worst of Perth
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25 Responses to Plus we have you on video dickhead

  1. skink says:

    there should be a similar sign here:

    “do not feed the trolls, or they will shit on you, and then call you a bully”


  2. Richarbl says:

    I didn’t know you could catch a photo and what sort of charges can can the Task Force lay on a photo when it is caught?

    So many questions, so few answers


  3. Bento says:

    Why the “quotation marks”? Is it not graffiti?


  4. Bill O'Slatter says:

    Wot ? Seagull is no soy substitute.


  5. shazza says:

    I think a gull with one leg would have been more authentic.


  6. skink says:

    this one has shrivelled feet


  7. B.T. says:

    I’m surprised someone in Freo hasn’t figured out how to overcharge tourists for seagull shit.


  8. oldfart says:

    Is there something wrong with the ‘seagull’ grammar or am I just getting old?

    Surely: Feed the seagulls and they will SOY.

    The symbol sez ‘DON’T’.

    No point in being polite about anything to do with seagulls (or Freo prices for that matter).

    Dr Watson


  9. stu says:

    so that’s where all my pics have gone.the dark depths of your hotmail account, no probs, I’ll simply resend..expect a deluge :)


  10. Greg says:

    Please don’t feed the WA Graffiti Task Force or they will S.O.Y.


  11. cuntdog says:

    the graffiti taskforce will be over the moon with the capture of “nip”.. good work…….


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