Move over (or should I say fuck off) AWOL FIFO, there’s a new game in town. I shit on fat chiks. Shazza asks you to imagine her horror at finding this smooth talker parked on her street. Her own street! There’s also a second sticker showing the evolution of Man – AND Woman. It’s hard to see, but it looks like the bloke evolves to ride a motorbike, but the woman is (I think) scrubbing the floors in every picture. Is this bloke retarded? Might have a little bit of a problem perhaps. Makes the B&S poster look like a feminist tract.fatfatcu

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Commended Haiku writer. A lover of The West's Worst. Perth stand-up comedian, photographer and writer.
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63 Responses to ISOFC

  1. Big Ramifications says:

    I think I’ve been SPAM BINNED again, TLA.

    FYI only. Shitcan this little message if you manage to find my post anywhere, cheers!


  2. David Cohen says:

    Please tell me you keyed the side, shoved a banana up the exhaust pipe and shat in the glovebox, Shazza…


    • shazza says:

      As the kiddies were in tow the shot was taken in haste. Thus I find myself flabbergasted this morn to realise I hadn’t noticed the Evolution sticker.

      I did hope the car owner would approach me to inquire about my interest in his vehicle allowing me to beat him with my hegemony stick, alas, he remained invisible.


      • Bento says:

        For this chap, I suggest the evolution sticker was meant to go on the inside of the window, to be viewed through his rear view mirror.


      • oldfart says:

        Tis true. Some things are beyond funny. Reckon TLA’s right: Someone with a little problem perhaps. Start with fear of ‘other’, in this case (at least) half the world.

        Poor bastard.

        I’d drop gentle anonymous letters in his letterbox empathising with his problem with women and suggesting some simple practices towards growing up and becoming a human being. Perhaps even a real man one day.


        • oldfart says:

          Too subtle?

          Envelope addressed to car-owner’s ‘Mum’ (presuming too stupid to have wife or daughter yet) containing Jenny Craig pamphlet.


      • WAtching says:

        Numberplate and location please…
        I shit on fuckwits


  3. chris says:

    all it needs is a jetpilot sticker and it is complete. I swear the population of perth is regressing into retardation.


    • Rolly says:

      Nah, Chris, it’s always been that way.

      It’s just that it has become less unacceptable to display the fact.

      Not only Perth. It’s world wide.

      That’s my “I hate people sometimes” statement for the day.

      Ga’ye boil yeir heeds, the lot ‘a yer.


  4. chris says:

    yeah Rolly you are probably right. And whats with the Southern Cross sticker? These people wouldn’t know the history of that and what it meant if they ran into it?


  5. stu says:

    Does that say Ass Chalenge above the window? Well that explains the shitting on fat chicks, it’s obviously his speciality and with it he expects/hopes to win said challenge.

    I wonder what that trophy will look like?


    • John Forrests Head says:

      It actually appears as tho he’s modified the “Flexiglass Challenge” (company that makes ute canopies) sticker into “xic as” (sik as) (sic).

      Surprisingly clever for one who shits on people


  6. 13th Oyster says:

    Deeply offensive; it’s “Chicks” with two ‘c’s mouth-breather.


  7. skink says:

    I have never shat on a fat chick, but one time a rather chubby lass did a wee on me

    too much information?


  8. Onanist says:

    I think there has been some confusion here.

    This gent is a chook farmer and he is simply explaining the punitive measures he takes with the young that eat too much.


  9. scaffivich says:

    On Saturday i saw a FIFO stick combined with a gem that stated the following:

    Australia – We eat meat – We drink beer – and we speak fucking english.

    I was so proud i almost shat on a fat chick.


  10. scaffivich says:

    The grammar and spelling were quite correct. The couple driving the car were wearing the correct FIFO/AWEMWDBWSFE attire and my hangover was too bad to be driving and taking photos at 100km (err i drink beer, i hope i am not being a hypocrite)


  11. curious says:

    just waiting for rbl’s take on this.


  12. CB One says:

    This is my husbands Bravo….. So tell me what, “nerd or Geek” goes around our suburbs looking for unusual and strange “things” and thinks it’s so cool and funny, at someone’s else’s expense. You are a sad bunch of lonely twats!!!!!

    PS yes my husbands choice in car stickers is poor but he earns a F##K load more money than you will ever see in your life time!!! Not you Greg. CHEERS


  13. Bento says:

    I assume we’re back to single daily posts, now there is an extra month to hit the million before TWOP Live? We can read you like a cheap, soapy, nostalgic Tim Winton book, TLA.


  14. Caribou Bob says:

    Is it possible it was meant to read “I shit on fat chinks” ?


  15. mandible claw says:

    Haha. I want that evolution sticker. It could only be better if the woman was shown occasionally getting up to get me a beer (and not forgetting to open it.)


  16. Greg says:

    It looks like man evolved into a giant rolling pumpkin before progressing to motorcyclist.


  17. Sibby says:

    I would’ve probably keyed his car.


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  19. The Legend 101 says:

    Oh wow thats a stupid sticker but maybe that idiot does that.


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