Sellarbration of Worst

Nothing says Valentine (or Christmas for that matter) like a cuntkini card. I’ve finally decided on having tshirts and other stuff done by an outside company after the limitations and quality problems with doing them here. They take a massive cut, but the quality is good. I will be adding more calendar and card options, and have revamped the tshirt designs. Your christmas shopping is now done, (although TWOP peeps don’t really strike me as the gift giving kinds of people). Hey, a small female just bought a Bunbury shirt! Awesome. I know from the size that it wasn’t you Shazza, nyuk, nyuk. Anyway, the options are on the right hand side, with detailed views, different colours and sizes. Requests and custom designs considered. Many more to come.


About AHC McDonald

Comedian, artist, photographer and critic. From 2007 to 2017 ran the culture and satire site The Worst of Perth
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52 Responses to Sellarbration of Worst

  1. Bill O'Slatter says:

    Keeps za wonga fro TWOP Corp. rollin in.


  2. shazza says:

    It was me. Perky doesn’t mean large!! And it should be a medium not small.


  3. Two sales. At this rate, with my share I’ll be able to buy a cup of coffee by COB.


  4. poor lisa says:

    Is that cover art for a calendar? Where’s the calendar then?


  5. poor lisa says:

    oh found. Great!


  6. It can be used as a card too, but, all the artwork can be seen here, including the calendar.

    I am going to do a rude worst of perth too. Must talk to Shazza about using that wheelchair erection shot.


  7. poor lisa says:

    You can get a couple of friday pints now too.


  8. David Cohen says:

    Where is the Cohen calendar?

    I have been defamed, traduced and rubbished so often on this grubby blog you should be able to do a 15-month special.

    Make sure you include ALL the Jewish holidays.


  9. poor lisa says:

    The cuntkini card wasn’t appropriate for anyone on my xmas list. I’m thinking tiny’s donger, nikki/michelle, alsatian rampant… what else?

    Cards I would like to see include:
    – Kingswoods outside the pubs – historical
    – drunk with broken arm – historical
    – the sign at cott about no alcohol
    – jacksons
    – vistula
    – the legion of mary detention centre
    – burnt miniature village


  10. skink says:

    that;s my Christmas Card list sorted.

    can we make up our own T-shirts?

    can I get a one with:

    ‘Transperth would like you to shove your head up a bear’s arse’ ?

    can I get a ‘Vincent, gateway to Dog Swamp’ with the dog and the car tyre?

    can I, can I?


    • The image has to be large. But yes. I seem to remember the car and dog was not big. The image would have to approach 2400 pixels wide and 3200 high. If you have that, I will put it up for you. if nearly tha big, I could work it out.


  11. poor lisa says:

    You could do specialist calendars
    The worst of belmont
    the worst of the western suburbs
    the worst of vincent


  12. Bento says:

    T-shirt purchased. I decided customisation could result in public confrontations best avoided. Last thing I want is for me and my motorbike to end up under a Baravan.


  13. David Cohen says:

    Can’t you contract Peter Ferrell & Son or John Hughes or Tony Sadler to endorse the Sellarbration while shouting at a camera? That would be very TWOP.

    I want mouse mats. I want stubby holders.

    Cookster wants to know: are XXXXXXLLL T-shirts available?


  14. Bento says:

    Not one. Not even one of my pieces. I brave the badlands of Bellevue twice, TWICE, and not one submission makes the calendar. Not even the fucking montage. Hmph.


    • Really, I just thought it might be a little outre to be selling other people’s work. You want a custom calendar with your shots in, I’ll do it. You did have some nice quality worsts bento (resolution and aethetically) so tell me which ones and I’ll do them.


  15. Frank Calabrese says:

    And just in time to coincide with a proposed TWOP meet here.

    See a stuffed early version of Fat Cat, Percy, and maybe even Brindley the Cat for one DFOC – who btw their creators run Elephant Productions in Subiaco if you so desire to do a tie in story for the Post :-)


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  17. phreestyle says:


    Can you do a “Perth: vibrancy up the yin yang” t-shirt? On black. With the TWOP logo of course.

    This I will buy


  18. G'day from WA says:

    Got my shirt yesterday – good all-american worst-of-perth produce. There were no western australian sweatshops available? Has this joke already been made?


  19. The Lengend 101 says:

    The worst car ever is a xxxxxx because they had to plug 5 laptops into the kia van at my dads work for it to freaking work OMG.


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