A bear’s eyes water

Well this gives the overwhelming impression of a child stuck up a bear’s arse. There’s not really any other interpretation. And if it didn’t, it’s still shithouse graphic design. If the child is supposed to be carrying a giant teddy, why are they scaled down so they don’t even realistically fit the train seat? Hideous, bad, ill conceived and…a child up a bear’s arse for fuck sake.


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37 Responses to A bear’s eyes water

  1. skink says:

    …if you go down to the show today you’re sure of a big surprise,

    your head will get shoved up a bear’s behind,
    which is sure to bring tears to his eyes…


  2. David Cohen says:

    I filed this for today’s Listening Post, the POST’s page 4 column.

    This is so good I knew TWOP would be on the trail.

    I did get comment from an award-winning graphic designer, though.


    • Award winning? No-one I know I hope. But really this is lazy and bad. Why didn’t they just get a kid with a giant teddy on the train?


      • skink says:

        they have awards for graphic designers?

        “…and the award for the best use of Comic Sans in a fast food menu goes to…”


        • CB One says:

          There was a Serif function on at the Rosemount last night. I was thinking Typographers, but I guess it could have been a Graphic Designer awards night.
          I didn’t go in though. I refuse to attend venues that don’t scan my i.d and take my fingerprints on entry.

          That and I’m neither Typographer or cut-and-paster


    • shazza says:

      Just off topic for a mo.

      As DFOC is a pencil sucker rather than trumpeter, I will blow his horn instead and make mention of Rotto Bloggos post today. It’s very funny!!


  3. shazza says:

    I assumed it was an ad for a new show ride. The old ghost trains have lost the fear factor for todays youth. Or perhaps a replacement for The Tunnel of Love?


  4. skink says:

    perhaps it’s a comment on the awful weather we are having:

    ‘go somewhere where the sun don’t shine’

    I was never quite sure of the name ‘Familyrider’


  5. poor lisa says:

    Don’t often hear LA expressing such visceral disgust. It’s warranted in this case

    Great rotto bloggo. Better than Jesper’s complaints – he didn’t even toss his cookies, he just didn’t like the view of the water from the ferry.

    So close to 9/11 as well. Was it really a seagull that swooped & stole the chip? or was it nanny state anti obesity campaigners.


  6. xald says:

    It’s on all the buses and trains as well at the moment, I can’t escape. The worst part about it is the great ad they had last year, if anyone remembers it-The bus driver holding a bus with the caption “See a man move “X” number of people at once” or something? Why did that person get fired?


  7. Big Ramifications says:

    Sort of related to bear anal: A Jesper sighting. See the credits.




  8. Bento says:

    It’s not like the bears are completely innocent in this regard.



  9. Bill O'Slatter says:

    Further evidence of increasing global gerbilisation.


  10. Leo says:

    This transperth “child stuck up a bear’s arse or vagina” poster is just another example of shit advertising which comes out of Perth.

    Those wanker ad agencies in West Perth get paid a fortune and then churn out shit like this. They continue to do so as the client often doesn’t feel sufficiently qualified to comment.

    There’s heaps of these quality offerings on TV, too. Like the Patty Chong leather sofa ad where her head gets cut off (in a fashion) through poor framing of the camera. They had alllll that time to get it right but didn’t or couldn’t. Time to play: spot the locally made advertisement.


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