Debra Ann’s got a tiger in her hips

Johnny’s got a light in his eyes
Shirley’s got a light on her lips
Jakes got a monkeyshine on his head
and Debra Ann’s got a tiger in her hips
they can twist and turn they can move and burn
they can throw themselves against the wall
but they creep for what they need
and they explode to the call
and then they move!
Ahh, Sex beat
The Gun Club

All the ructions of the Cunt ‘Kini seemed to be getting everyone a little overheated, so let’s bring it down man. Take it down, Take it waaaaaay down. This one also reminds me fondly of one of my favourite worsts, the poster advocating the wearing of shirts as the 道 (dao) or path to success. I can see myself wearing this one. Who drew this? Who pitched it successfully to a shirt manufacturer? All I know is that Debra Ann’s got a tiger in her hips. Or it could be two ferrets. They also chickened out on the nipples.

I think this is at Winifred and Bance.

About AHC McDonald

Comedian, artist, photographer and critic. From 2007 to 2017 ran the culture and satire site The Worst of Perth
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31 Responses to Debra Ann’s got a tiger in her hips

  1. Grrr says:

    I just wanted to be the first person in to ‘respect’ the use of The Gun Club.

    And to note that shirt is abysmal.
    But I find the hipster hat even worse.


  2. poor lisa says:

    It’s a beret.


  3. No it’s definitely an old man hat, not beret.


  4. Vic Demised says:

    Ce n’est pas un beret, Lisa. It’s an Andy Capp cap. Take it from an habitual hat-wearer. Though ‘old man hat’ is a bit strong too, LA.

    Who would’ve ruined such a ‘nice’ shirt with a Hobbytex pen?


  5. It does look a little hobbytex doesn’t it?


  6. skink says:

    the young lady on the right appears to have pulled out tufts of her own pubic hair

    and the one on the left is some strange one-legged, one-armed, single-breasted creature. she looks like she is breasting the tape at the paralympics


  7. poor lisa says:

    I thought Andy Capp did wear a beret. But I don’t have any expertise in men’s headgear so I stand corrected.

    Is this in an opshop, or one of those Mt Lawley fashion tragic shops?


  8. Andy Capp? Beret? What you talking about PL? You been smokin’ octopus again?


  9. poor lisa says:

    Men are beasts


  10. Rolly says:

    @9 p-l

    “Men are beasts”

    ….and lots of ladies are glad of it.


  11. Bento says:

    @8 – poor lisa is definitely on the herring. What self-respecting Yorkshire wife-abuser would wear a poncy beret?

    As for the design, what sort of exercise does one do to make one’s calves wider than one’s thighs?


  12. poor lisa says:

    OK guys if you want a formal concession, you can have it, it’s a fucking Andy Capp. I don’t know what it is doing on a poncey beaufort st mannequin though.

    Are those fishnet bloomers the paralympian is sporting?


  13. Ljuke says:

    I would wear this shirt.


  14. David Cohen says:

    …if you were drunk, had a lobotomy and were on the guest list for a Sunday arvo BBG at Howard Sattler’s?


  15. Ljuke says:

    I think it’s more a shirt to be worn bowling. Or at a Big Lebowski convention.


  16. If the shop’s open, and it’s less than $5, I’ll get it.


  17. skink says:

    you can’t just buy the shirt

    you need the hat to complete the ensemble,

    and I bet that mannequin is wearing some fancy dacks as well


  18. Skink, did you get my email re town of Vincent?


  19. Bento says:

    Skink – what’s your connection with the ToV, if I may ask?


  20. skink says:

    @18 no, I didn’t get your mail. skink1984 at hotmaildotcom

    @19 I have no connection to Vincent – this relates to a competition I saw in the paper to design new signage for Vincent and posted under ‘suggest’


  21. Bento says:

    Ah – I missed that one.

    Surely they realise such an open competition is an invitation to mischief??

    Brilliant new slogan – I love it. I’m sure DFOC has some corflute lying about, and LA’s photoshop work is second to none.

    Shall I start drawing up the tender documentation?


  22. Bento says:

    Perhaps their licence plates could be changed, also? Maybe:

    Vincent: Number 1 in the State Administrative Tribunal


  23. Groucho says:

    This would have to be a lesbian clothing shop, the manequin is definitely a dyke and only a dyke would wear that shirt….you’d have to be a dummy otherwise.


  24. Snuff says:

    @ 9 poor lisa

    Indeed we are, poor lisa, and perhaps even difficult to understand very occasionally. During those rare moments, you’ll find this brief instructional translation video particularly handy.


  25. Grrr says:

    Purely, I chuck this out there.
    On the way home from work today I was behind a delivery van: Tran’s Oriental Imports and Exports.

    That is either the single best name for an import/export business, or a post modern use of an apostrophe of sheer genius.

    I have no idea.


  26. I think this shirt is at Winifred and Bance


  27. skink says:


    Tran is a common Vietnamese name, so maybe the apostrophe is correct


  28. I went into the shop. It’s $60.


  29. David Cohen says:

    You are joking me. Reminds me of the Barry Dickins column where he nailed an empty cornflakes packet to a table and sold it a year later for $40.


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