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Outrage Sunday 289 no parklet in heaven

Krazy Kym dodged the Jehovah’s Witnesses yesterday. Afterwards I admired their pamphlet. I hadn’t realised there were subliminal messages about the Antichrist in the images. What is that bloke doing – threshing? The JWs say the Bible’s lunar calendar has … Continue reading

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Outrage Sunday 61 one size fits most

Let me tell you, Krazy Kym and I haven’t achieved much this weekend! But we did get a lot of Christmas shopping done! We have been engrossed in the Penny Miller catalogue! Here’s what we’ve chosen so far! But – … Continue reading

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The Revenge of Leda

  Worst Graphic Design It is the great misfortune of the Black Swan (Cygnus atratus) in Perth, that it can be manhandled into the shape of an S, that S is the first letter of its name, and that Perth … Continue reading

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The Garden of Dr Moreau

Worst Garden/Worst Sculpture From the suburb that brought you Koala Lumber, xxxxxx Street Embleton comes up trumps. And it is not the last garden monstrosity from this street. Have removed street name. I don’t want someone to steal them. Correspondent … Continue reading

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