Outrage Sunday 102 sexy stilettos

Z-Frappe was entranced at this, at the intersection of Scarborough Beach Road and Loftus Street in North Perth. And there is much with which to be entranced. Perhaps the ‘Our Nikki” PhotoShopper is responsible? I note they use the word “whilst” in their website copy.sexy stilettosThis bloke on the 0550 out of Midland needed three seats, but graciously retreated to two as the train filled up. The breakfast of champions! I’m calling this couchette 2 (carbonated). He was gently snoring by the time we arrived at Teh Pert, and no-one roused him from his slumber.couchette2I wondered: if bore water is being splashed around these Claremont grounds, why aren’t they brown? Puzzling.bore waterSpeaking of bores, did you see Mr Murray in the paper of record yesterday? More cutting and pasting. “Big numbers of Muslims”! How big? Mr Murray didn’t say. Those clowns at the ABS claim: “At 30 June 2011, 27% of the estimated resident population was born overseas (6.0 million people).” And: “Persons born in the United Kingdom continued to be the largest group of overseas-born residents, accounting for 5.3% of Australia’s total population at 30 June 2011. This was followed by persons born in New Zealand (2.5%), China (1.8%), India (1.5%) and Vietnam and Italy (0.9% each).” We’re being overwhelmed by Muslims! Danger!boreWe can thank our lucky stars Mr Murray is vigilant while the likes of yours truly frets over fripperies such as : when is he next appearing on TBOUQM? Nothing lately, but I did enjoy this from Centralia, WA. I hope Snuff-san has been there and can illuminate us about the “brutal bottom line”.

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14 Responses to Outrage Sunday 102 sexy stilettos

  1. BSWAM says:

    “The brutal bottom line” sounds like what stands outside a rough trade gay club in the East Village on a Friday night.


  2. BSWAM says:

    Also, when Charles Miranda gets home from the Gatsby gala in Cannes, would one of you mind explaining to him that “The flick has received mixed reviews in the US” not because “that’s more probably since they cling to their home-grown literary greats and there was no big explosions, few spangled Stars and Stripes or a happy ending that their audiences oft demand” but because it was a tacky piece of shit?



    • Bill O'Slatter says:

      You do realize BSWAM that Buzz Lure-man’s film was actually titled “The Gaint Catsby” before it was retitled for an American audience ?


  3. algernon1 says:

    I thought the breakfast of champions referred to a number that looks the same upside down.


  4. Snuff says:

    Centralia is just a little too far from Pawnee, and besides, it lacks a vibrant hub. I think BSWAM has already located the brutal bottom line however, and I do like this pensive example from Centralia’s Mardi Gras Schwingfest. Unless it’s something to do with dogging in Allen Park.

    If you continue to look at this train, you might not burn in hell forever, but you can make it change direction.


    • rottobloggo says:

      “Welcome to Centralia – a city mixing an edgy arts and cultural side with a burgeoning amateur sports scene and a charming downtown district.” No mention of Byzantine knife regulations: I know where I’d rather be.


  5. Bill O'Slatter says:

    Nurries is now beyond parody. How much more stupid can he get ? Once again, his prose is worse than Jack Child’s and his logic misguided and idiotic. Somebody, anybody at the West needs to do the kind thing and put us all out of his misery, firmly but fairly. I have seen the future, futurers and the brutal bottom line is that it’s where my car reverses into an Apartheid driven by a Muslim. Unrealistic expectations lead to my conviction. Also ,did you know that Apartheids are no longer made in Australia? Freakin Juliar, Big Numbers indeed.


  6. Anonymous says:

    What’s “reverse apartheid”? Togetherness?


    • Bill O'Slatter says:

      You want an explanation ? You can’t handle the truth. From http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nurries
      He left school at age 12 after what he reffered to as ”the school incident” His first job was as a shunter at the Northam marshalling yards until an accident occurred. He came out of that investigation or “the shunting incident”, as he referred to it, smelling of roses., he claimed.
      He then went to Perth where he wrote several footy club songs.He did a bit of plastering and tried his hand at various other trades. He was oftern referred to as the plastered shunter. Somehow he ended up under contract with Bob Hope and Bob was one who didn’t wish many people dead.He joined the police , but was summarily dismissed over what he would only refer to later as “the police incident”.
      He realised , at this stage, that his life was merely a succession of failures. He found work as a janitor at the West until one day realising tht the journalist sitting at a desk had been drunk for several day he moved his stuff onto the drunk’s desk impersonating him. The journalist’s drunkeness may have had something to do with Nurrie shimself. He moved out to Allen park in 1989 where he has had several dogs all named “Muttsie”.He took up radio work and got 51% of his demographic, a considerable proportion of whom were in Karakatta.


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