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Perth A Listers

I had my event opened by a Perth A Lister… Working on new T Shirt. Any reactions. Should I bump Patti for Barra?

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Million Chong March

Winner!  Several people sent in 1000 032, but Curious was the first to reach my inbox. Actually it still says ’32. So many clicking at the same time, I think youse broke it. What product you want Curious?   For … Continue reading

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Perth Vision a la La Chong

You may wish to see our Patti’s rehashing of nebulous visions for the future of Perth on the C2030 blog. She plans replacing the other plans for the city with a new plan. This is a plan that will resonate … Continue reading

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Special Edition Celebrity Fest

The Lazy Aussie was at the massive opening for The Shane Warne musical Saturday night, scanning the red (green) carpet for Perth celebrities. (Is Rick Hart really a celebrity?). Unless I missed them, there were two noteable Absentees. Barra and … Continue reading

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And Chong On

Well I’m upper upper class high society God’s gift to ballroom notoriety And I always fill my ballroom The event is never small The social pages say I’ve got The biggest balls of all… AC/DC Big Balls With the original … Continue reading

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Chong and You.

I could have reached into the archive for another car or house, but a challenge from Patti Chong on this site made me decide on a media post for my first day back at work. (And it’s nor Paul Murray).  … Continue reading

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