Ok, what’s going on with this piece of crap? This has been left abandoned for months, some public art that may manage to be an eyesore during and after completion. Are they saving for wine for Alannah Mactiernan to open it? Yes it is terrible, but can it at least be finished? The fence hire alone must be costing a fortune. Or can we just add a few porta loos is and call it done? Buckels, wot fuck going on?


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35 Responses to Beau-bortion

  1. Rong1 says:

    What’s going on? It’s all a sham. Not a single orange witch’s hat in sight on site. It cannot be a Perth project. No detours. No closures. No Lollipop men. Bah humbug!


  2. Snuff says:

    Why send refugees to Cambodia ?


  3. Russell Woolf's Lovechild says:

    Isn’t it a promotional sign for some poxy collection of developer dog boxes to be built on the site?

    If only we had a quality suburban newspaper with decent reporters that didn’t spend all their time hanging around public conveniences at well know Perth beaches we wouldn’t need to ask these questions.


  4. GivDBird says:

    Should have a crashed Commodore somewhere near the end, you know, to round it off a bit. Kerning cunts


  5. billoslatter says:

    Bespeaks OH&S tragedy strategy.Perhaps the City of Vincent minutes reveal the full debacle, tho I can find no reference to it.
    Previous :


  6. Pete F says:

    Perthwide shortage of E’s obviously.


  7. Perineum says:

    ‘Hollywood style lettering’: my opinion of this shite has skyrocketed. But what gives, TLA? This is bordering on activist.


  8. richarbl says:

    That concrete structure in the foreground looks like a Brutalist cock n balls. A little well placed graffiti would make it hilariously obvious.


  9. BSWAM says:

    I was unaware that the Hollywood Sign cost more than the basic materials back in the day, or that the original color scheme was ketchup and mustard.

    On the plus side, I’m guessing no suicides.



  10. Anonymous says:

    Perth is ‘hipster heaven’ according to the NYT,
    and the fucker didn’t even bother to travel to the ‘Disse.

    he can kiss my vegan spirulina balls


  11. I noticed some kind of apology sign on this as I went past on the bus. Anyone seen what it says?


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