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Good to see WAToady filing on the always-excellent Bell Tower Times. BUT – woe! – you can tell their reporter doesn’t do much strolling in the western suburbs. It is Boatshed, not the boatshed. Good DAY, sir.

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CHOGM style

Yes I’m back from Rurotardia. This is what I saw. Thanks Outrage for moderating some. Was Americas Cup defence a little like a high brow CHOGM?

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The Ould Mug

I thought it was Auld Mug? Difficult to correct a spelling mistake in copper.  It was an ill considered subject, rendered poorly in a medium that is almost always a pointer to crappiness. At least during the boom, the copper … Continue reading

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Voyage of the Damned

I wasn’t a sex symbol, I was a sex zombie. Veronica Lake Was at the Fremantle WA Maritime Museum when they were redoing the Australia 2 exhibit the other day. Seeing the mannequins up close was a shocking experience. They … Continue reading

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Cup Half Empty

Finally found one. If you’ve still got a Home of The America’s Cup numberplate – that will be the least of your problems. The cup was lost in 1987. The stockmarket crashed later that year, ending 1980’s excess early for … Continue reading

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