Outrage Sunday 66 effluent clients

Our associate Bento might be a rainmaker, but at least he is in the Lynne Truss mould when it comes to punctuation: he captured this heinous WAToady screenshot (respect):

It’s enough to make you want to do an Echo Newspapers black flip (photo agreeably blurry as per Outrage style):

This has been on the FaceTube: even teh spellchecker might not have saved Rashelle. It is allegedly from a Smelbourne newspaper:

And Perth’s elite straight male escort Josh Chase has a particular clientele in mind.

My lovelies, the prices seem high. Mr Chase offers a Happy Ending – but doesn’t say what happens at the end. I think you’ll agree Shazza or Poor Lisa or vegan or RubyRuby or Jane Z should go undercover to find out, and then report back to The Worst of Perth. Not clear if he offers Spanish, Greek, Bulgarian, or Shetland. “As our society has evolved into a more egalitarian and a less judgmental one women have been afforded opportunities to explore dimensions that heretofore had been generally open only to men,” Mr Chase says. Whoa! He’ll be using the word whilst next!

While the TWOP wymmin get their rocks off, I read. Literature surpasses all. I soar, like a weagle, on the cultural thermals. I am deep in a tome I snapped up for $5 at the UWA book sale. Sample bit: “The wounded were beginning to come back from Gallipoli and a member suggested that the Club should be turned into a military hospital; but the committee felt that there were too many difficulties and did nothing about it.”

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53 Responses to Outrage Sunday 66 effluent clients

  1. NF#1 says:

    “Raunchy Images Shock Mother”. Loving this one, in all of it’s News of the World-meets-Western Suburbs glory and suggestions of drowsy-eyed self-abusers, dreaming of Brazilianised vaginas. I was going to worst this separately, but fits with today’s theme on several counts.


  2. The Legend 101 says:

    What’s wrong with newspapers?


  3. skink says:

    “My ignorance is inexcusable, too”

    if only all the readers of The West Australian were so honest.

    and the journalists


  4. orbea says:



  5. mrsstone says:

    Effluent. It’s right up his alley.


  6. Hatch's Dispatches says:

    My favourite bit about our Mr Chase is where (in the FAQs) he claims he understands women may be nervous upon first meeting and recommends relaxing with “drinks and snakes”. Now I’m no fucking expert on women, but it seems unlikely the introduction of snakes to a date (even one you’re paying for) will ultimately prove relaxing.


  7. Bento says:

    And what’s with the pic of tht WA today columnist? I think it’s meant to look like he’s pondering deeply, but he really just looks like a metrosexual doing duckface.


  8. poor lisa says:

    Sorry, along with ‘nice smile’, ‘nice arms’, ‘good speller’ is on my list.


  9. skink says:

    was that Julian Assange on a Juliet balcony?


  10. Q.O. says:

    Besides his desire to attract ‘effluent’ clients, Josh Chase is a plagiarist. His FAQ’s, and his ‘About’ page are stolen from the American site http://www.malecourtesan.com. Armand Chase, owns that site and has had it up for years. Apparently, Mr. Josh Chase couldn’t even think of an original last name, since he also borrowed that. I can say from firsthand experience that Armand Chase is an amazing man who delivers on his promises.


    • rottobloggo says:

      Well-spotted, Q.O., although the pages are not exactly the same.

      I see Armand says: “Introduce a woman the amazing person she truly is”, while our Josh is better with: “Introduce a woman to the amazing person she truly is”.

      I’m pleased to see Josh no longer offers snaks.

      Josh has “visited over 20 countries”, and Armand has “visited over 30 countries”, but they both say “My experiences living and working as a local in the myriad of different cultures helped mould me into a worldly and cultured gentleman.”

      Perhaps Armand copied Josh? Perhaps they bought the words from a freelance journalist? I will contact both in an effort to set the facts straight.


      • rottobloggo says:

        Armand has replied…I am looking forward to Josh’s account of the matter.

        Hi David,

        Thank you for your inquiry and for wanting clarification. The copy on my website is completely mine. I had a professional web copy writer help me proof it and i can have them write to you and confirm this. I have many male companions from time to time copy my website and copy. It’s frustrating and I try to find the copyright infringers and report it to google but don’t always find them until someone points it out. I am cc companion Josh here so he can see what i have written you. It’s very unprofessional when someone steals your words. I hope josh reads this. There are some other companions I found recently who did the same and I am waiting for them to take it down after I sent them an email requesting they do this or I would report them to google.

        If you need proof that it is my web copy, all you need to do to is use a cached web pages website like web archive that has a record of the copy from when it was first live. You can see mine here:


        Josh, please remove my copyrighted copy or I will report you to google. You have 3 days to take it down.

        Thank you David for bringing this to my attention!

        If you need any more proof, please feel free to request it.

        Thank you!

        Sent from my iPhone

        On Jan 12, 2013, at 6:29 PM, dcohen@amnet.net.au wrote:

        Dear Messers Chase,

        I hope you are well and business is good.

        I am not looking to hire either of you but hope you can help with a query.

        In August we looked at Josh’s website on The Worst of Perth blog:


        Now a reader has pointed out the similarities in some of the words on your websites:

        I pointed out to the reader Armand could have copied Josh, or you both could have bought words from a freelance journalist.

        What is the case, so I may inform The Worst of Perth readers?

        By the way, let me say “Well done!” on making it hard for people to copy the words on your pages!

        Yours sincerely,
        David Cohen


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  13. Q.O. says:

    Apparently nothing from Josh.Guess that says something about him.


  14. nev il-pinto says:

    sorry to revive a dead topic but why isn’t anyone commenting about Natasha’s letter to the agony aunt/uncle combo about here video snafu

    by the sounds of it she was one of the ladies on the western suburbs teenagers phone


  15. Sam says:

    I do know a friend who had ‘ Josh’ recently as a birthday gift. However it was the disappointment as the self declared Latin lover turned out to be an average looking Indian bloke. BTW it seems that Mr.Chase likes to copy content from other sites:



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