Roast Lamb

There were news reports that large sections of the ex Dizzy Lamb funpark had been burnt. Perhaps someone can tell me if this hideous and frightening sign survived, or if I have to send it to vanished worst. Never went to Dizzy lamb Park, in fact I don’t think anyone did. Anyone travelling down Wanneroo Rd after it is reopened, let me know the fate of the sign. If it is burnt, I’d love a shot of it.

dizzy lamb
Hey, this will get the kids in! (The Sow is mine!)
dizzy lamb

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Comedian, artist, photographer and critic. From 2007 to 2017 ran the culture and satire site The Worst of Perth
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56 Responses to Roast Lamb

  1. Martin says:

    Dizzy the drunken, acne-ridden pirate lamb? Who accidentally fell face first into the worlds hardest bowl of oats?


  2. Juffy says:

    “…the autopsy revealed that giant maggots had eaten out large sections of Dizzy’s brain, eventually causing death-by-face-falling-off, or ‘disvisia’…”


  3. A slight similarity with the TWOP banner lion.


  4. Levon says:

    I like how the barbed wire has proven completely ineffectual in stopping the graffiti… and the lamb face-cancer.


  5. Golden1 says:

    Wow! It’s uncanny, that is exactly what I imagine Satan looks like


  6. Yes, G1, I also can imagine “The sow is mine!” coming out of that hole.


  7. Bento says:

    Cleansing fire! Do thine holy work!


  8. Confused Texan says:

    Ahhh, “Dizzy Lamb”. When I heard about it on the radio this morning I thought they said “Disneyland”, and knew that couldn’t be right. I spent entire minutes trying to work it out, but couldn’t.

    I learn so much from TWOP.


  9. It’s as close to Disneyland as they could get without legal action I assume.


  10. Bonnie says:

    Ooh OOh I’ve been there!!!

    I was pretty young so my brothers would have a better recollection of it, but I have fond memories of driving a little round bumper boat thing and getting stuck going around in a circle.

    Unfortunately that’s all I can remember…


  11. Mat B says:

    I remember the TV advertisements for this place, complete with annoying high pitched kids screeching “Dizzeeeeeeee Lamb Park”! The ad wasn’t very appealing and neither is that sign.

    Definitely one of the better worsts; it ticks most of the boxes of badness!


  12. Thanks mate. No one has told me if it survived the arson or not yet. I hope it’s gone so that it’s memory lives here.


  13. Perthie says:

    I just got back from that fire. Can’t tell you if the sign survived, but basically the entire park except for the south west corner where the car park was has been destroyed. Some buildings on the south side of the park OK, but go karts, museum etc are history


  14. Levon says:

    If you stare at it long enough it looks like Bert Newton dressed up as Lamb Chop.

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  15. flynn says:

    Now, Lamb Chop was one serious puppet!

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  16. Tracy says:

    Apparently the sign did survive, as its in the middle of the carpark – nothing around it to burn. There was some debate as to how many reversing fire trucks it would take to demolish it though.


  17. Scurrilous says:

    Very very worst. I don’t believe the park ever made a profit.

    I heard that it was started by an Italian/Croatian/Maltese/Latvian family, who I suppose made a lot of money out of vegies or some such. The grandfather couldn’t speak English very well and actually thought the name of Disneyland was Dizzy Lamb.


  18. Scurrilous says:

    A philoshoper said that Disneyland is the simulcrum and proves the rest of the US is real.

    What does this say about Perth?


  19. Bento says:

    Didn’t the logo have wavy ‘dizzy’ lines around the lamb’s head? Why weren’t they incorporated into the sign?

    And Perthie – are you telling me the museum, go karts etc were all still there (at least, before my cleansing flames saw to them)??? I have seriously underestimated the calibre of Wanneroo bogans – they’ve had years to progressively dismantle that place. Hmph.


  20. Frank Calabrese says:

    [I heard that it was started by an Italian/Croatian/Maltese/Latvian family, who I suppose made a lot of money out of vegies or some such. The grandfather couldn’t speak English very well and actually thought the name of Disneyland was Dizzy Lamb.]

    Actually the origins are here:

    [In February 1994, the locomotive and coaches were purchased by the Brajkovich family for the “Dizzy Lamb Park” – a fun park located at Carrabooda, north of Wanneroo where it saw minimal use on the railway there. Closure of this facility in 2000 saw the locomotive & coaches relocated to the Brajkovich family chicken farm in Herne Hill Middle Swan. ]


  21. Frank Calabrese says:

    [Closure of this facility in 2000 saw the locomotive & coaches relocated to the Brajkovich family chicken farm in Herne Hill Middle Swan.]

    Which is around the corner from my place :-) but is a Quarentine area.


  22. Quarantined for SARS Frank, or chicken scratch fever?


  23. Frank Calabrese says:

    [Quarantined for SARS Frank, or chicken scratch fever?]

    Probbably the latter.


  24. Mike says:

    This place was a hellhole. I went there once with my girlfriend in 1999 and the entire place seemed to be manned by one fellow. He ran to the front gate and sold us tickets, then ran to the train to do the train ride… etc. We immediately called the RSPCA the next day after viewing the animal exhibition.

    I am hoping that the animal population there was very minimal during the fire..


  25. Anonymous Perthon says:

    The Lion Park on the other hand was fantastic and you could stick around for the amazing parrot show afterwards


    • Anonymous Perth says:

      The Waneroo Lion Park- What a great experiance, we lived on the premises for 12 Years and we experianced a fantastic life style and have many great photo/memories. Now retired


  26. jesse says:

    my grandfather took me there when i was a child… circa 1989 – i have next to no recollection of this


  27. Cookster says:

    I travel to Lancelin a fair bit and it always pains me to see the sad carcass of Dizzy Lamb rotting away out there in the Carabooda back woods… however, it does hold more appeal than the ‘Gravity Discovery Centre’ which runs off the Gin Gin road.

    Has anyone out there visited said place and have any reports of what can be found there? I’m assuming you line up to stand under a tree and have an apple dropped onto your head… aha, I’ve discovered gravity!


  28. This sign is now a vanished worst.


  29. Graham says:

    Oh man, I used to love this place when I was about 8.. used to know the family that ran it.

    Sad to see it get to such a state after it was sold :( Even if the only good parts were the go karts and the bumper boats.

    I’ve read damage had been done etc to the old museums etc, but I thought the place was essentially emptied out after it was sold and closed in 2000? Would suck if any of that historical stuff was left in those buildings. I really just want to get up there on the pocket bike for the go kart track!!!

    I actually drove past and pulled in over this weekend hoping to be able to get in for a look around but alas, no deal.


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  31. Rob says:

    haha not our best investment but when i check our bank statements I bet its higher than in everyones that posted a comment combined.

    And the croatian/spanish/italian/latvian family is just croatian.

    Keep working hard..Kuratz!


  32. Gemfyre says:

    Anyone know if it’s easy to get inside this place? I’d love to get some photos. Went to the ruins of Atlantis in Two Rocks yesterday and took a load of photos.

    I remember going here once when I was a kid and being terribly disappointed. Of course, being what… 7 years old, I was totally sucked into thinking the “Dizzy Lamb” was actually Disney Land.


  33. Harrison says:

    i live behind it, i can get in, the go kart track, museum, basically everything in it except the car park and the castle are gone, in a few weeks it will be reopened as a laser tag place and paintball, much more enjoyable.


  34. monkeypants says:

    hey, hey. what you’ve all been waiting anxiously for.

    look what i found on facebook!

    Dizzy Lamb Park – Laser Skirmish & PaintballIs now open for business…. Laser only…. Paintball to follow in about a week. For any info send a msg on Facebook. Call 0432 633 844 or 0417 142 695 for bookings.on Sunday(6th December)

    you can become a fan too if you are a facebooker:


    • Richarbl says:

      Ahh, Dizzy Lamb Land
      Can there be no better reason for this websites existence than this classic Worst.
      TLA, you are truly the Peoples Prophet… without you this forlorn cuntry would surely wither and die without acerbic reminders of its mediocrity.


  35. PaintballPro says:

    Hey guys……

    Actually jst played Paintball there just before Xmas and it was Sennnn…..sational!!!!!!

    Definately worth a look now……..

    Facebook page looks pretty good too.


  36. sharon rance says:

    i rember the park in its glory days the go-carts, train, beat rides and all the rest sad that it was left to rot bring back the lamb


  37. sharon rance says:

    i rember the park in its glory days all the rides sad its roted to noththing bring buck the lamb and dont kock it


  38. wonderer says:

    i heard that the owner of dizzy lamb let some of the cats out when it closed, i cant remember if they said it was panthers or whatever but i wanted to know if anyone else had heard this?


  39. orbea says:

    shocking mexican bandito image


  40. stanko jovicic says:

    dizzy lamb park is a paint ball field i work there


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