Trio probed 

How can you probe nipples? Trust the Chook to keep abreast of matters. This is all good: David ‘Ding-Dong’ Bell, crime, pasties. Better than Violent crime duo caught on video


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18 Responses to Trio probed 

  1. Rong1 says:

    Nice six-pack !!


  2. Russell Woolf's Lovechild says:

    Shouldn’t they be on Page 3? Obviously not a Murdoch paper.


  3. GivDBird says:

    free the muff


  4. you'll get wet says:

    These three look familiar. What you do is you send the cook, two if you have them, up the top of the A Frame to flash boobs when Patrol Boat approaches the wharf, all hands on Bridge distracted and hilarious disaster becomes unavoidable. Which is why Navy now insists on having their own wharf. And you thought it was something to do with security?

    Personally I prefer crocodiles on page one. Tits page 3 footy page 5 works ok. .


  5. I prefer the story of the journalism student (Notre Dame LOL) who was jailed for violent dumbarsery. I wonder if he has done the journalistic ethics unit? He is a one man news making machine and will be greatly missed by the industry. Editor material.


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