Slovenia Vibrant

Bento tries his hand at some quintessential. For perhaps the first time since his
Tankmaster Day and Tankmaster Night series over 5 years ago.
I really like what the Slovenians have done here. Thanks Bento. That Tankmaster Night was a blog highlight.



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Comedian, artist, photographer and critic. From 2007 to 2017 ran the culture and satire site The Worst of Perth
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18 Responses to Slovenia Vibrant

  1. janezee says:

    It’s a minor quibble but I wish those drapes were vertical blinds.


  2. Bento says:

    It really is grossly unfair that the Danes get all the credit for simple, stylish design.


  3. juantrak says:

    Art Deco, eat your heart out. Slovenian post-industrial style is now cutting edge.
    It’s the colour that gives it its outstanding vibrancy.


  4. GivDBird says:

    Pre-tilt elegancy


  5. El Guisto says:

    Lacks cocos palms….


  6. Shrieking Wombat Minge says:

    I quite like the clouds.


  7. orbea says:

    The Dracaena’s of Slovenia. Flanking your entrance


  8. Dylan H. says:

    Pastels occupy occupy roughly 2/3 of the second image, it’s the roughly-hewn verge and tree that compromise the total aesthetic. I believe this could be fixed with either subdued astroturf and tree stump, or that awkwardly rustic orange gravel you see on a lot of verges from Hamersley up to about Heathridge.


  9. Rong1 says:

    Is the lawn registered?


  10. El Guisto says:

    They really missed an opportunity to bitumen over the grass as well


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