Teh West has it covered

On the weekend TLA was snarky about the media (“Is it that hard to go up there and get their names wrong and put the worst possible spin on what they are doing?”). The same shtick earlier today, where he delighted in The West now not quite covering all of our wide brown land (“I think they had the feeling that anyone would care”). It’s easy to kick a man – an industry – when he’s down, isn’t it. I note he hasn’t mentioned this counter-balance of good news, in The West today. The numbers are a bit puzzling, but hey: buy a regional paper this week! IMG_9818

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1 Response to Teh West has it covered

  1. you'll get wet says:

    Good opportunity for truckies to smuggle the NT News across from Timber Creek. What would you buy at the roadhouse, the West, the NT News or keep your heardearned for a chiko roll down the track? Or, if you got a free read, The West, NT News or the chiko roll’s wrapper? btw the latter’s too greasy to wipe your bum, the front page gator photo may bite your bum, can’t beat The West for truck bay duties.

    Anyway the Kimberley sunk at least one fair to middling journo at the West who tried to investigate McAlpine during the Clough-Murray ascendency. Love to hear from Murray on why he didn’t stick up for him.


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