The Tankmaster Chronicles – Night

About a week into this blog, in October 2007, someone suggested the fake palmery of Tankmaster in Midland as a worthy topic. And so it was.  I had taken one shot from the car window which I wasn’t happy with, so it has never been posted.

I’m glad I waited. What was I saying about how hard it was to get a good photo combined with a good worst? Well Bento shows how it is done with a superb photo essay on Tankmaster day and night.

Hard to do them justice, so I have linked each to a larger pic. Click to appreciate. The fact he goes back the next day to cover Tankmaster daytime is just magnificent. There are too many to do justice to in one post, so I am doing a very rare TWOP two day coverage. Behold Tankmaster night. Neon palms, trucks on the lonely highway and all. Next, Tankmaster Day. Bento, this week you are killing it worst wise.







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40 Responses to The Tankmaster Chronicles – Night

  1. Grrr says:

    Not worst. (Yes, I voted).

    It’s kitsch, but its glorious and inventive.
    If I want a tank in the middle of the night I know where I am heading.

    Bento’s second picture manages to inject more class into this road junction than there is at Midlandia’s famed Junction Hotel.


  2. Cimbali says:

    Congratulations Bento. Very impressive. You have to make it clear the degree of difficulty needed to actually take this shot without being flattened by a runaway juggernaut.
    Unless you were doing some late night machinery hire or attending the Hills Dance Studio.


  3. Rolly says:

    Crude, but effective.

    Not worst at all.


  4. Snuff says:

    Midland, as shot by Bento, is very David Lynch. You can almost hear the John Laws poems emanating from the 42 wheeler.


  5. shazza says:

    Horrifying! FW!


  6. B.T. says:

    The orange glow of the sodium vapour lights worsted it for me.


  7. Bento says:

    Many thanks, LA. I had a very productive weekend, worstwise.

    Wow, that second shot *is* desolate. It’s kind of apt that it’s taken from the funeral parlour. It has a touch of the Gregory Crewsdons about it – if only I could’ve captured one of the sheep trucks rumbling by.

    I’ve voted ‘Delightfully Not Worst’. All that time I spent with the neon tree of palm, I think I grew to love it.


  8. Claireee says:

    That is not the only fake neon cocos on a highway in Perth. As if real ones aren’t bad enough.


  9. stu says:

    Maybe not worst in Perth but how about them being a worst in Far North Queensland, I mean the place is littered with the real thing so why would you have plastic ones.

    Esp standing in front of the real thing

    spotted them at Etty Bay last christmas, they were sent to Qld from either the NSW or Vic govts (can’t remember) following cyclone Larry in 2006 to cheer up the locals. Not confined to Etty Bay either, they’re all over the place up there, red, blue, green and yellow ones

    council put em up and the very next day the locals demanded them be removed, coming down soon I believe (if not already).

    I commend the southern states for finding a solution on what to do with a pile of plastic they didn’t want. Recycling initiative? Turn it all into plams and send it north hahaha

    Worst on Queensland worst on


  10. Cookster says:

    I loike it, it’s unusual, different. What’s up with them coconuts?


  11. David Cohen says:

    Hoo-ha! I saw that fake palm tree first thing this morning and creamed my jeans. Kudos Bento. It simply doesn’t get worse than that. Can we have FFFWorst?

    Pic 2 looks and feels like the microsecond before Javier Bardem starts shooting at Josh Brolin in No Country for Old Man.


  12. flynn says:

    they flash too. There are some in a private house near the South Of Perth Yacht club that have the the coconuts illuminated.
    Think what could be achieved if they were combined…..
    TWOP extreme.


  13. techgremlin says:

    As far as fake palms go, I don’t find it too bad, at least some effort has been put into it.


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  15. Brett Abbott says:

    Whats wrong with, give the guy a go, at least he actually see ths funny side to it and it gets peoples attention as it did all yours and its become quite iconic all around Perth as the business with the palm trees. Good on him…


  16. Bento says:

    While you’re on vanished Worsts, I’m told Tankmaster has relocated. No confirmation on whether the neon palmery made the journey.


  17. BRIK says:


    This has been demolished now.


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