You can be a Bayswater Angel

This is not actually a worst. It would be wonderful for this to happen. A TWOP associate is looking for friends, supporters and even investors to take the small bar/cafe scene to Bayswater. Think Maylands without the gun shop. Email, even if it’s only to commit to buying a craft beer in the future.

He is putting together a syndicate. The possible locations are the Fish and Chips shop near the corner of King William and Whatley, which has a massive outdoor area behind it, or the cafe a little further down and across the road. Come on, it’s time for Baysie to be the latest neo Subi. You know you want it. There’s already a bespoke bike shop and a yoga centre next door, and no place to buy a bloody coffee.baysie

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30 Responses to You can be a Bayswater Angel

  1. vegan says:

    bloody brilliant idea.

    i have long wondered how long gentrification would take to move along whatley crescent.

    just a shame i no longer live in the area.


  2. PeteF says:

    I propose the expansive footpath – nothing says Subi like traffic in your coffee.


  3. dingbat says:

    Resident Didj & Dulcimer act every Fri/Sat and I’m In for $500K


  4. Perineum says:

    This ‘associate’ will be spending 1% of the business investment on public art i presume? An absurdly oversized concrete “Kin Willi Stre” perhaps? Bike racks that can kill with just a look? Plants in a bathtub or something of that ilk?


  5. Pocko says:

    Will swap architectural services for beer in kind


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  7. NF#1 says:

    … no place to buy a bloody coffee.

    Just to rub it in, the City of Bayswater made the somewhat mystifying move a year ago of providing free Wi-Fi in its self-professed “townsite”. Despite innovations such as this and the replacement of roadside bulk refuse collection with free skip bins, both material (i.e. the quarterly City newsletter) and anecdotal evidence suggest time to have stopped within COB HQ circa 1986 AD.

    On a slightly different note, what I would much like to see is a Guildford Hotel style campaign in support (heh) of the historic and altogether dangerous Seventh Avenue bridge in Maylands. I’ve read and heard the phrase “a bridge too far” bandied about several times in this context, and can easily picture banners, Facebook pages, and so forth. As indolent as I am, I am nonetheless prepared to pledge my support to this imagined cause with what might hopefully become its anthem:

    A Bridge Too Far
    Remembering William Topaz McGonagall

    There’s a little old bridge back o’ Maylands
    Of timber and iron she’s made
    And from good honest labour
    So we’re all sworn to save her
    By leaflet, protest or blockade

    She’s served the good people of Maylands
    For how many years who knows?
    Crossing old Midland track
    On her curving humpback
    From Whatley to Railway she goes

    The engines of progress would march
    Not over but through her low arch
    She brooks no interference
    Despite her low clearance
    Yet the bobcats and bulldozers start

    The justifications we’ve heard
    Of the grey bureaucrats so absurd
    “Truck nor bus can go under
    So we’ll tear it asunder”
    No matter the heartbreak incurred

    But the people have spoken, dear Colin
    You’re surely not deaf to their cries
    To posterity pledged
    To save heritage
    Listening not to your lies

    For you can’t put a value on history
    Nor on that ol’ bridge once she’s gone
    Seventh Avenue
    May mean little to you
    Unlike those who call ol’ Maylands home

    She’s the heart and soul of ol’ Maylands
    Humble and heart-felt and proud
    If wrecking ball swings
    The people will sing
    Your injustice and insult aloud

    You can take all our hard earned in taxes
    Try to regulate even the stars
    But to Caesar we’ll pay
    Only up to that day
    You take this ole bridge all too far


  8. Max says:

    There is a great little coffee shop across the railway line in Baysie, just the block past the pub, it’s called The Beez Neez. Better coffe than anywhere in maylands!


  9. kerry says:

    i live near the village and would LOVE a cafe here in bayswater BUT not just any old cafe.. I am very fussy with COFFEE… a good barista a MUST and definitely ambience! if it had a liquor license even better… the best shop in the village is the original grocery store at the top of the hill opposite the train station… it’s currently an eyebrow manicure salon, otherwise the vacant property at 9 & 11 king William street. Cafe for baysie for Sure!!!
    btw Beez knees cafe is not the kind of cafe I’m thinking of having in the village. if I had theoney I would buy that old THAT property and do it myself…


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