vibrant vista Mt Hawthorn

Solar panels! What will these clever developers think of next? I do hope you’ll join me on the Bravo viewing platform on Oxford Street (aka Neasden-in-the-Sun), drinking sparkling, thinking, ‘If we lived here we’d be home by now’. I know Bento will be there, too. “It’s the fine grain details that make these executive apartments so exclusive,” he said. “Just look at that entry foyer, with the letterboxes and floor tiles sourced directly from the Budapest Department of Motor Vehicle Licensing.”vibrantvista

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31 Responses to vibrant vista Mt Hawthorn

  1. Rolly says:

    Cubism is not dead!
    In fact, the straight line – that thing so abhorred by nature – has become the sole instrument in the architects’ box of tricks.
    A high priced slum in the making.
    Just imagine it; a lovely balcony upon which to sup one’s evening clensing ale whilst enloying the full symphony of late commutor traffic and the associated scent of benzine and diesel fumes.
    The mind boggles.


  2. Bento says:

    I wonder what it will look like when the scaffolding comes off?


  3. Shazza says:

    Uninspired springs to mind. That’s being as kind as I can fucking muster.


  4. BurgerD says:

    A challenge to Perth developers. Try to build 1. Just 1 building that is larger than your average house WITHOUT using tilt panel concrete construction. Go on, I dare you. Does anyone remember how to lay a brick?


  5. Russell Woolf's Lovechild says:

    “… European style living spaces.” Maybe if you are in a prison or something.

    I have seen the future. And it is tilt-up. Get tilting.


  6. Shazza says:

    Shouldn’t this be tagged under Shedism?


  7. Snuff says:

    They’re right. The green initiatives and smart home technology will last until September 8.


  8. stuffgoeshere says:

    The pre-cast panels and design style do not make this a bad building/development and pointing them out for ridicule effectively marks you as the same sort of unimaginative ‘vibrant’ plonker as the developers probably are. The cookie-cutter apartments and total lack of ‘design for site’ (solar orientation appears to be a lost concept here) are what makes these bad on 4 (maybe 5) levels.


  9. scanners says:

    Have you ever seen so many people on the balconies of an apartment block in Perth? Or observed so much activity on a ground floor? Why are the occupants drawn as twenty, or at a pinch, thirty somethings, when we know that in reality such buildings house sixty year old empty nesters, ready to complain at the first sign of live music at a venue three blocks away?


  10. Pete F says:

    Something is a bit off with the balcony ceilings – do they tilt back? Given the expected height of the viewer its all a bit strange.
    Oh joy, product of the month – aluminium composite panel for the non functional verandah.
    Definitely won’t be hot in there by 2 pm.


  11. BSWAM says:

    I have to say that the building in this rendering is a symphony of Miesian subtlety compared to the McSams still shooting up all over New York like crabgrass. I also have to say that balconies are one of those urban features that, at least in New York, are always advertised and never used. Matters have not improved since earlier this month when a young lady plunged 17 stories to her death after leaning on a railing of an otherwise unimpeachable Art Deco building that had not been properly maintained.

    Whatever your quarrel with Perth’s architects and landlords, they don’t seem actually serenely content to kill you.


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