Arsebuddy Gardens

I just liked its complete stupidity. The graffiti in this town must be the lamest in the world. 8th Avenue Maylands. From Kelly, who even has a worst I would never have posted on her (?) blog.

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48 Responses to Arsebuddy Gardens

  1. meccano101 says:

    Kelly, not sure about the pics of your sleeping [?] work-mate on your blog. Is This the worst you were referring to LA?


  2. meccano101 says:

    I do remember arsebuddy fondly however, as I once lived on Eighth ave many years ago. Is Maylands still a complete toilet?


  3. Shreiking Wombat says:

    We’ll get back to arsebuddies in Maylands in a moment, but I have just uncovered a new word: “Diapason.”

    I’m running with it.


  4. It’s about to get a Dome.


    • Shreiking Wombat says:

      Well that just demonstrates that Maylands is well & truly fucked. Crap coffee. Lousy service.

      Dome and Starbucks. They are in perfect diasapon.


    • Natalia Fan #1 says:

      In line with Maylands’ overall gentrification, Carinya Gardens is being redeveloped as a gay leisure complex. Rather than sticking an offensively large Match type hoarding out the front for months before, first saying only “Buddy is Coming” in some trendy font, and then months later replaced with a shitty perspective drawing featuring both the building to be and people drinking coffee (of course), the developers – for obvious reasons perhaps – have decided to go with a more modest and more Maylands friendly approach to spruiking their wares-to-be.


    • Ljuke says:

      As is the Vic Park strip.


  5. Shreiking Wombat says:

    Or should I say, diapason.


  6. Snuff says:

    We’ve discussed tailgating before, so probably don’t need to go over having a car in ya arse again, but this guy seems to have a scooter in his.

    p.s. The kerning’s ordinary, but the comma’s good.


  7. Onanist says:

    No, this is the only arse buddy garden in this city!


    • Snuff says:

      Thanks, Onnie. As partial as I am to gum trees, having read that I wish they’d cut it down with him still in, or at least under, it.


    • Pfortner says:

      look, i guess he has proved his point. IF the storm didn’t make it drop branches, it’s hardly a threat is it… unless..
      Yeah unsavoury as he may be (and a cocos-botherer to boot) i am defending his action.


      • shazza says:

        Sorry pforts, the guys developed delusions of grandeur. If the storm in Thornlie was anything like where I am it was not enough to blow more than a few leaves off a tree. I had one hail stone the size of a pea land in my yard. (And he fabricates a story about being struck by lightening.)

        The way he carries on you’d think he had been sitting in an old growth forrest single handedly keeping the trucks away. From what I can tell, he’s spent the last decade and some, playing computer games in his lounge. I’m just not buying the whole environmental crusade line.


  8. Mez says:

    Here I am!

    at least, it’s spelt correctly


  9. monkeypants says:

    I agree completely Mez – arsebuddy – how could you not love it?


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