Hammer Time

Just a simple  worst for the afternoon. Hammer Time seen by Michael, Cnr Spring and Mount Streets. Thanks Michael. In this part of Perth it was Hammer Time even before there was a Hammer Time.

About The Lazy Aussie

Commended Haiku writer. A lover of The West's Worst. Perth stand-up comedian, photographer and writer.
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11 Responses to Hammer Time

  1. orbea says:

    Not worst!!


  2. CB One says:



  3. Paracleet says:

    Surely it worst when you’re down to copying jokes gotten off a forwarded email. What’s next? Stencilling FAIL on worsts? Lesbian Twister?


    • Bento says:


      I don’t recall receiving any lesbian twister forwards. I would be grateful if you could please provide further detail, as Woogling it at work would be classified as a ‘career limiting action’. Thanking you in advance.


    • G'day from WA says:

      Stencilling FAIL on worsts!! Brilliant!


  4. Caribou Bob says:

    those wacky west perth types strike again


  5. Snuff says:

    There’s just so much to love, but I still think this is my favourite.


  6. Mr Anderson says:

    There’s actually been a version of this (hand written however) at UWA for many many years.
    Made me laugh many a time.


  7. Dr. K-Lam O'Clamitty says:

    Yo , wassup in the hood, nogs? Everybody’s asking where the Filth is? Due to a strenuous touring schedule we’ve had to cancel everything until we tour with Sebbo in his February “You like it up that way” tour, we’re goin hip- pop. Hammer style time.
    “Mofos yo aint fly,
    Yo caint gustin rhyme like I
    An I ain doin no time for rockin that crime
    In mah prime I’m doin the mime Yo Yo Yo “
    Now it’s day 20 of the Choc-lockdown. Life is a box of chocolates so watch out chockies or you’ll be wearing the brown star of chockedupness. Choc Mundine will be comin over to help us sort this one out.
    What is that entitles you to high command? How do you float to the top, dolphin style, if it isn’t for your ability to plan for seen arias? i.e. the tragedy strategy, a capacity for deep emotion and treachery and a little voice above the music telling you “ Klam , you are the job’s job”.
    Now here’s your guide to Klam’s world. How would you handle these seen arias (with handy hints)?
    • an upturned fire hydrant , a golf club , various “significunt” others, an enraged missus , a smashed car an you semi conscious an avoidin the media., Buzzin style. It’s now up to the Scandinavian women’s soccer team (with reserves). Thank Mongo for the 11 iron.
    • Accusing us of accusing you of bein our prime suspect even through the laws of probability proves you are. That is just absolutely crazy, crazy Percian pointless dogoooderishness.
    • It’s all beer, stupidity and an orgies of massive crap consumption till Lord High Mongo, ruler of the Universe day, but WAPOL to the rescue. After Lord High Mongo day you can do what you like. Say frinstance there you are havin a few sherbets with your favourite politician (say on undercover operation Des-Troy) in your earthed tinfoil hat an budgie smugglers an you decide to deck him. A left a right an upper cut superbly executed ,Choc style ,an he’s left a little wobbly, he burbles a few last clichés, his mouth then agape catching flies and hits the deck.. Don’t do it the rest of WAPOL will be on to ya.
    • Sir Vale of Ho Ho Hos , the police Krudd style reality an Vibroostasphere surveillance droid will go on display in the mall in time for LHMD. It’ll be fun, fun, and fun for all the kiddies and parents you can nip off for an hour or two.
    • If in doubt just Poogle it. You’ll get their full criminal history.
    • More on the A-List nude 2010 calendar in future postings. All proceeds to the social club fund.
    • This month we’re cracking down ………………..on amphetamines : the crazed look and lunatic babbling of Bunbury Joist will soon be a thing of the past


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