Weekend Worstoff 82

Bit of an anticlimax now that the million views have been reached. Nothing to look forward to for a year and a half. Thanks to all who clicked up a storm. Congrats to Curious who chose a Perth The Bunbury of The North Tshirt as her prize. There have been a few sold now.

Now worstoffs. I found this very sad looking sign in East Perth. A bit like Freo after the loss of the America’s Cup, the aftermath of the 2008 Puppetry Festival has not seen the urban boom and thousands of jobs that were promised.

Cookster is really carving a niche for himself with the out of focus quokkaabilia. This time a fridge magnet. And Rehana found that hard times have brought out the depression recipes again. Maybe some stone soup to go with that paper snack. And I can’t remember if we’ve had this before, or someone told me about it, or someone sent it and it’s sitting in the pile somewhere a few thousand emails ago, but it’s worth showing again. I think it may be a set up. You go to berate the farmer about his spelling, and leave with a kilo of strabs. Thanks G’day.

About The Lazy Aussie

Commended Haiku writer. A lover of The West's Worst. Perth stand-up comedian, photographer and writer.
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14 Responses to Weekend Worstoff 82

  1. flynn says:

    with modern cameras you have to try really hard to get a photo out of focus, so much effort must have been used to get it that far out…. well done Cookster.


  2. Michael says:

    Those staberris are awesome, though. I can vouch.


  3. monkeypants says:

    what are those little quokka arms made out of?


  4. Cookster says:

    It’s a phone camera and it’s shit at teh close up action. Quokka’s arms and legs are string-style wire so you can twist them in funky poses. All good quokkabillia is now deploying the string look – tres chic.


  5. shazza says:

    I spent a minute trying to work out why the Anketell Rd sign was funny.


  6. curious says:

    are those quokkas made out of gingerbread? cos they should be.


  7. 13th Oyster says:

    That’s no way to spell “strawberries” or “kettle”.


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