Don’t eat the brown water

From Nicola on her way through Adelaide. Adelaide has always been famous for its bad beer, (although as I’ve said before, New Zealand’s Speights is the worst of all beers) and it is always blamed on the water. Maybe it’s toilet water. Nicola thought the signs may be directed at Adelaide’s dogs.

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35 Responses to Don’t eat the brown water

  1. David says:

    Hey! Coopers is the best beer in the world you silly fucks. I admit, Adelaide isn’t good for a whole lot, but their beer is sacred. Capische?


  2. DEORE says:

    yeah i agree with dave, Coopers is nectar of the gods.. however, this worst may explain the floaty bits that settle at the bottom, I’m never rolling another bottle.


  3. Pravda says:

    Adelaide, it’s ok!


  4. CB One says:

    On the one hand you have Coopers, on the other, West End. Adelaide’s beer slate is even.


  5. curious says:

    both the water and the beer are undrinkable.


  6. skink says:

    I disagree.

    Cuban beer is without doubt the worst beer in the world,

    closely followed by Swan Gold.

    I would rather drink from the toilet than drink Swan Gold


  7. Ljuke says:

    Yeah, Coopers Sparkling is pretty much awesome.


  8. Ljuke says:

    Swan Gold doesn’t exist any more, does it? I still think they should bring back Swan Stout.


  9. Bolivillain says:

    Nah sorry guys, Bolivian beer is the worst beer to ever exist. Not to mention pouring a beer in La Paz (3600m above sea level) is nigh-on impossible without 2/3rds a glass of head, followed by said beer going flat in about 2 minutes thanks to the air-pressure (or lack thereof)… Yep, shittest beer experience in the world.


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