Bush Week #1, Plug my Blowhole

With country types in town for the Royal Show, (how come they can drive so fast in burnout pits, but are so slow on the roads?) maybe it’s time for The Worst of Perth Bush week. Or however long Caribou Bob’s country photos last. No Dog Rock mate? Bob found this for Albany Backpackers, with seemingly no explanation for the look of terror and bad hair days. He thought it might have something to do with blowholes, but if so, these girls seem to be straddling the holes. Perhaps that’s how they perform Brazilians in Albany? Perhaps Albany Backpackers can give an explanation? Maybe a discount for TWOP travellers as well AB? They have a winter special at the moment. Unfortunately the backpacker art link has gone from the current website. I’m sure there would have been some worthy material.  Anyone with any more country pics for bush week, send them in. My favourite bush photo so far on TWOP is this.


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Commended Haiku writer. A lover of The West's Worst. Perth stand-up comedian, photographer and writer.
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48 Responses to Bush Week #1, Plug my Blowhole

  1. shazza says:

    I found the art TLA. It’s via the Our Bedrooms link.

    Absolute worst. I would consider this picture to be a warning rather than a promotion.


    • Snuff says:

      Thanks, shaz. Imagine waking up to those. At least the horror and the hair now makes perfect sense, although they claim here, as CB suspected, that the effect comes from straddling the blowholes, but you’ll need to ask Stefanie why.

      Then again, home to the first skateboard park in Australia, Albany has always attracted thrillseekers, a phenomenon which increased exponentially when the town went from whale smelling, (thanks to the almost constant southerly), to whale watching. The only safe time for a wave was when the boats were in, and the great whites were enjoying the smorgasbord at Cheynes Beach.


  2. Cassie says:

    Having an ex from albany I believe it blows!

    And the use of ‘bush’ and ‘blowhole’ made me think the count ry types are blowing off off the bush…


  3. paracleet says:

    Having grown up in the area I seem to recall there being specific and repeated injunctions against doing exactly what those people are doing. Since people can and have been blown off and into the sea (and unsuprisingly drowned). I’m not sure the Albany Backpackers have really considered the laibility implications of encouaging the said behaviour.

    Mind you its normally retarded locals that get washed off the rocks.


  4. monkeypants says:

    hey paracleet, having not visited albany since i was a two year old, does that mean the locals are normally retarded or that the odd local who happens to be retarded is more likely to succumb to the beckoning of the sea?


  5. paracleet says:

    The former.


  6. The external links link gives a sad state of what’s available in Albany, unless there are a huge number of nightclubs called “link placeholder”.


  7. Caribou Bob says:

    I am wondering if the “free beer every day” and the blowhole scene are related.

    “IT HAPPENS” – sounds part threat/part promise.


  8. ljuke says:

    I note the absence of any men in the photo. Surely men can get blown in Albany too? I’d like to see a man in a kilt included in this picture.


  9. David Cohen says:


    I apologise for my absence, but Krazy Kym and I have been roughing it in a donga halfway between Margs and Prevvers.

    We congratulated ourselves, as we knocked back the Lamont’s olives and Gallop & Fraser cab sav, that it really is rather rejuvenating when one gets back to nature and in touch with the simpler things.

    I have emailed TLA a late bid for Bush Week: fingers crossed.

    We were hoping to have a report of chaos on the new highway – bumpkins taking potshots at metrosexuals as they sped to Subiaco-on-Sea in the Bayview Terrace Tractors – but it was disappointingly orderly.


    • Frank Calabrese says:

      Will Krazy Kim be our TWOP Correspondent at the TVW Reunion on the 18th ? We want plenty of snaps of pissed Perthonalities like Peter Dean and Gary Carvolth, plus any juicy war Stories from Fat Cat;s good friend Reg Whiteman re working with Vic Demised and the literal egg on his face incident AND the Startled Rabbit down the obese feline’s gob :-)


  10. Leo says:

    Gees, some real ugly sheilas must visit Albany (was it?). This ad is so distracting I can’t quite work out what it is they are selling. Is it wet tshirts or escaping from another backpacker murderer? Really one of the worst adverts I’ve ever seen. Like something made by a freelance ad agency in the South West, the sort of place that hangs off GWN for business.


  11. Cookster says:

    Good timing TLA – I’m just back from three days camping out at Smithy’s Farm 20 clicks out of Hyden for the ‘Hyden Humps’ Offroad Racing Festival.

    Photos on their way shortly, although – and I know you’ll hate me for this – I did miss a number of premium Bush Worsts on the way back. The Dog in the Ute tribute, the Emu Export horse and dray display, the toy soldier museum, the whole town of Condinin, the ute standing on its end in the middle of a canola field, weird tin statues in Brookton, and the words ‘Granny panties’ spraypainted on a wall in a town I can’t remember.

    For all these Worsts missed I apologise, but you can blame the chicko roll eating prick in the road train who appeared keen to ‘seek and destroy’ other road users.

    Now, did anyone attend the Wave Rock Music Festival perchance? It was difficult explaining to the kids why their were strangely dressed people lying at the base of the rock weeping at the beauty of the mystic cloud formations.


    • john says:

      its fucking Kondinin you wanker…. maybe next time you should check for the correct spelling before posting shit, just because it makes you look like an ill-informed twat!



  12. Free beer, breakfast, cakes and coffee I can understand – I’m guessing it’s not free as in free beer but free as in free speech or something.

    But did I read on that poster they are offering “Free anal check on arrival”?

    I thought Australian customs did that free on arrival.


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