Drunk Highway

Outrage Cohen snapped this one on a Shenton park bus stop. Not quite as arresting as finding THIS at a bus stop, but a great worst nonetheless. “Redder than our nearest competitors”? Sounds a bit like “Never mind the quality, feel the width.” And on the theme of piss, someone has graffitied “cider” on this bus. Are our graffitiing youth drinking fucking cider now? I won’t be surprised to see Scrumpy, or even “White Wine Spritzer” scratched into some long suffering public transport servant. Cider. Jeezus.

I wanted to find some video of the excellent Perth band The Bamboos, performing “Bottle of Wine” or even “Drunk Highway” as they did so many times at the Shenton Park Hotel, not far from this bus stop. What a great band they were. Was that really a quarter of a century ago? Shents, as discussed here several times before is sadly now an oldie home. Maybe lead Craig Hallsworth is ready for that retirement home by now.  Could only find this clip.


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Commended Haiku writer. A lover of The West's Worst. Perth stand-up comedian, photographer and writer.
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17 Responses to Drunk Highway

  1. Cookster says:

    Summer Wine with a Stones Green Ginger Wine chaser – tre delish.

    Ahhh, The Shents… having my eyebrows scorched by a Painters & Dockers fire breathing display… watching Love Pump with a belly full of cough mixture… The Stems first gig… being given a hollowed out bible full of Atherton Tablelands finest ‘erb at a Scientists gig and then running the gauntlet of two giant Maori bouncers… them were teh days.

    Driving past that place now is like looking at a grave site.


  2. Thanx for looking back on our songs with fond memories!

    Craig is by no means ready to “move back to the Shents”. Hes happily rocking along in his current band.

    I am about to move to LA to play in 2 bands there.

    I love your blogs dude.. v funny stuff indeed.

    Keep rockin

    Shakir ;)


  3. orbea says:

    Craig Halsworth is still gigging in Perth. He is in Tangled Star and playing 78’s at 1pm on Saturday 4th July.


    I quite like the idea of a lobotomised Gary Shannon being wheeled slobbering into the building.

    Anytime soon would be good


  4. curious says:

    you’ll know it’s the end when you find ‘bacardi breezer’ scratched into a bus.


  5. skink says:

    will DFOC be adopting ‘redder than our nearest competitors’ as the motto of the Union?

    is he channelling Trotsky again?


  6. xald says:

    “Redder than our nearest competitor”? If you’re that stuck for a slogan, why not go for “It’s pretty damn good”?

    Woah, that song is pretty damn good >_>


  7. ratbag23 says:

    Love The Bamboos. Rarer Than Rocking Horse Shit LP, great pressing, one of the better sounding pieces of vinyl that came out of the 80s in Perth (especially considering there were/are no pressing plants in the West).

    The Waltons pretended to be cowboys and took the piss out of themselves, but the Bamboos pretended to be cowboys and took it deadly serious.

    And extra bonus points for the Bamboos namechecking my old local the Rosemount in the song “Serious Drink”. Cheers!


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