The Triumph of The Worst

The Worst of Perth blog reshapes city singlehanded! (well, with the help of The Mayor, a crane and a huge truck).

I have to take it all back. Recently I opined that The Arse & Boozie sculpture would still be rotting next to Perth Railway Station in 20 years time. Not so. Readers of The West’s Inside Cover this morning would have seen a TWOP triumph described as “blogger’s heavyweight win”, as Lisa Scaffidi (sometimes referred to as She-Ra by this blog’s readers) made good on her promise to have the huge, arse encrusted lump of rock exiled to the gulag of Gomboc Gallery on the edge of the city. How many blogs could get half of one of the main city streets closed off and a 7.5 Tonne sculpture removed from the public view? Only one. The Worst of Perth. The second shot is the arrival at Gomboc Gallery. Those who want to see the full and hilarious history of this blog’s struggle against this sculpture can find it here, here and here .

Photos courtesy of The Perth City Council. Thanks to Lisa Scaffidi, Peter Jackson (PCC) and Inside Cover’s Luke Morfesse.

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About AHC McDonald

Comedian, artist, photographer and critic. From 2007 to 2017 ran the culture and satire site The Worst of Perth
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64 Responses to The Triumph of The Worst

  1. It actually looks so much better hanging from the crane.


  2. David Cohen says:

    Is that a latte stain on the clipping? Or butter drops from crumpets?


  3. Elbow grease. Or lard.


  4. Scurrilous says:

    The residents of the Swan Valley are going to be so pleased! I heard property prices are dropping already.


  5. As usual the “Worst” missed half the story. Where was Max “Mad” Evans. Why wasn’t he chained to the sculpture declaring ” over my dead body. I owes it to the yooves”
    Furthermore why weren’t the yooves rioting Tibetan style ( or even just bogan laps aroung Council house ) over the loss of this great monument.


  6. Frank Calabrese says:

    [Furthermore why weren’t the yooves rioting Tibetan style ( or even just bogan laps aroung Council house ) over the loss of this great monument.]

    Probably at The Beach, or were given “Move On” notices by the local constabulary and/or Transit Guards.


  7. May I say, having missed it at the time and only just reading it nowish, your original post about this has us pissing ourselves laughing… congrats on your triumph.


  8. Paul Nurry says:

    If you’re not a journalist, I can understand that the The Worst of Perth, could be a bit “entente cordiale”, or for those who are not idiotic university educated types, A website optimised for comment and discussion, where the head cunt keeps criticising me, Paul Nurry for being wrong, when I know for a fact that I’m always right.

    I was only talking to Pam Casellas the other day about how right I am all the time. She was amazed that such a complete bag of wind as myself, Paul Nurry could be right on every occasion, even though I know fuck all about any subject. She went on further to say how incredible it was that I was even more correct than most experts in their field, depite being an idiot. Len Findlay then chimed in suggesting that I do some brain surgery, as it was clear I already know more about this subject than any of those university trained cunts.

    But if you are one of the poor beleaguered souls who earns their money in the media, the blog is a bit of a must-watch. You wait each day, heart in mouth, to ensure you are not one of the target subjects, while taking wild delight in the discomfort of those who are. Except it’s always me.

    This week’s fodder was the bidet – a simple type of ablution product designed, some say, (ie some that need to spread a fairly basic premise usually worth one sentence if that, over several thousand word) as an ablution device. Now I’ve never used a bidet. I don’t know what a bidet is, but I, Paul Nurry, who is always right on every subject, despite knowing nothing on said subjects am prepared to condemn bidets.

    Now, I don’t mind disclosing at this stage that from the outset that I have never washed my backside, or for those who need to spread their thoughts over several thousand words, “my editorial dispensing device”. I’ve regarded this need for arse washing as one of the biggest loads of crap I’ve heard in more than three decades of writing filler.

    I was only saying to Stephen Scourfield the other day how right I was on the subject of Bidets. He said,

    A bidet flushes
    Paul Nurry washes his arse
    Wash hate down the drain


  9. Maybe this should be in the bidet post?


  10. Arteretic says:

    congratulations and


  11. Art Heretic says:

    Out, damned Rock! out, I say!–One: two: why,
    then, ’tis time to do’t.–Hell is murky!–Fie, my
    lord, fie! a soldier, and afeard? What need we
    fear who knows it, when none can call our power to
    account?–Yet who would have thought the old man
    to have had so much blood in him.


  12. Kat Black says:

    Another one to add to your Lost Eyesores of Perth list. I kind of enjoyed that cold shiver up my spine when i walked past it, though. Hmmm, I remember an equally rotted piece of crappy public art over near Scitech – will have to see if that’s still there for my fix of cringe.


  13. Near this there used to be a sculpture that had a water spray, I think a split blacj granite pyramid. They had to remove it because it soaked everyone. Near Scitech you say? Trying to recall…


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  15. Robotnik says:

    Dear L.A
    I’m really not very fond of the BankWest tower …
    Hopeful Robotnik.


  16. Just let me get the Belltower shifted 3 metres to the left, then I’ll get onto it.


  17. skink says:

    any truth to the rumour that Kerry Stokes has asked to borrow that crane in order to remove Armstrong and Murray from Hasler Road?

    they will be dumped in a paddock outside Midland where dumb cows will stare at them. but enough of Pam Casellas.

    7.5 Tonne? Murray’s head must weigh twice that


  18. Big Texan says:

    Shift the Bell Tower? You are The Lazy Aussie, Not The Crazy Aussie.

    Shifting the Bell Tower is better left for the list of demands you make when you find yourself on the wrong end of a police negotiation… when you have seven hostages and know you will need to play the Crazy Aussie card and plead insanity at your trial.


  19. mazarina says:

    the youth are wailing
    boozy arses on the move
    lazy aussie wins


  20. mazarina says:

    side topic: can anyone help me with my gravatar – i don’t get why it’s not showing up – what am i doing wrong???


  21. I have written to gravatar and they say they are working on image showing problems, especially the small ones. What you can do first maz is go to gravatar site and test it. there is a test area where you can see whether it is up there. i also knopw that your email address can only be lower case.


  22. David Cohen says:

    Blog: I saw eyesore
    She-Ra springs into action
    Meet new fringe dweller


  23. mazarina says:

    Thanks LA, will give it a go!


  24. Cookster says:

    Rather than wasting all that money on a crane, why didn’t they just leave it on the verge for the next hard waste collection?

    I’m sure some random citizen would have come along, seen some obscure use in it and thrown it in the back of his Hi-Ace van.

    Excuse my ignorance, but speaking of hard waste collections, is there a thread on TWOP that captures some of hideous items that manage to crawl out to the kerb?

    I found an Ab Pro King in good nick last weekend and rather than take it away I simply started doing a workout on the owner’s front lawn… they didn’t see the humour.


  25. The Call of The verge

    I do have some more verge shots yet to go up too.


  26. No-one seems to have mentioned the red spot under the skirt that has appeared since I visited last.


  27. Cookster says:

    Thanks LA… there were some beaut examples vergside around the Floreat area last week – lime green, mustard and brown velour featured heavily.

    I managed to dispose of a plastic dog kennel (the dog never ever ventured inside), a nappy disposal unit (don’t ask), a warped skateboard, a wood veneer coffee table (poor condition) and two pieces of aluminium… before the council truck made it into the street.

    I love watching the scavengers at work…


  28. Ljuke says:

    Surely that red spot is local Perth yooves updating the artwork. Is their contribution any less important?


  29. That’s how we got into this mess. Soiling her one last time.


  30. “Whats Andrew ever done for the youth of Perth”

    Yes indeed.

    Well aside from using newspaper clippings as a breakfast tray.


  31. mazarina says:

    she’s not soiled OR rusty, her special ‘friend’ is visiting. i’m appalled i didn’t notice that spot earlier!


  32. Litter tray, frank, litter tray.


  33. Ljuke says:

    Her special friend is visiting some odd areas!


  34. The friend she means only visits that area.


  35. Ljuke says:

    But it looks as though “Said Friend” has also visited the boozie area.


  36. That is a little unusual, yes.


  37. Nettie says:

    Go LA! Victory is finally yours!


  38. SkyLantern says:

    Congratulations LA. While they had the sculpture hanging from the crane it must have been tempting to use it as a wrecking ball for the whole of Forrest Chase.


  39. Was too much to hope for for it to fall. Might go up and see it on the weekend at Gomboc.


  40. Hotlblackdesiato says:

    Looks like she got moved a bit to late as she has developed a scorching case of herpes…


  41. Adam says:

    He shoots, he scores. Congratulations, LA.


  42. Or perhaps, “He shoots, he pwns”? Or don’t people use that word anymore? Would be teh pity if it’s fallen out of use.


  43. BC Planning says:

    Ha, that’s pretty cool. I need to create an Eyesore of Bmore blog to get things moving here in my city.


  44. Martin says:

    Positive action from the perth city council is one thing. But it being prompted by the so-called “internet” is an an achievement of stratospheric scale.

    Should this blog achieve nothing more, it has already achieved enough. Congratulations!

    Also I’m chuffed you enjoy my She-Ra Scaffidi moniker so much! :D


  45. She IS She-Ra. Pictures of (The Real) She-Ra are not so far away from the Mayor’s look. She-Ra has a taste for more head decor, but the glamour matches.

    I saw in the stats that there was a forum on I think skyscrapers that was commenting on the blog. They also loved the She-Ra moniker. I wish I had said it. Everyone I know calls her that now.


  46. greg hoey says:

    Thank god!!


  47. Congratulations LA, do you know yet what will go onto this spot as a replacement?


  48. She-Ra has big plans for the whole area including Forrest Place apparently. It is only going to be an improvement whatever happens.


  49. skink says:

    since I was not familiar with who eactly the original She-Ra is, I googled her and found this image:

    it appears to be a ‘hamburger shot’ and the artist seems to share the same fevered imagination as Mr. Hoey.


  50. Ken Oaf says:

    Greg Hoey …. legend


  51. There’s a link in the post to She – Ra. She is He Man’s sister I think. I think it first came up when someone described Nattrass as Skeletor and Martin called Lisa She-Ra. very appropriate.


  52. mazarina says:

    I used to have a She-Ra doll as a kid – never thought she’d end up being mayor


  53. Oz Atheist says:

    Well done TLA, that’s quite a coup.

    I’m a bit disappointed now that I didn’t get to see that marvellous statue when I visited Perth a couple of years ago.


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  61. Zuben says:

    And look what glossy resin – coated greenness replaced it in that little corner of the known universe


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