Sculpture bites back!

Just when we thought The Worst of Perth had engineered the removal of the rotting arse and boozie sculpture outside Perth Station, Ex Court Government minister Max Evans leapt to the defence in The West Australian’s Inside Cover this morning. The Worst of Perth looks forward to Max defying Lord Mayor Lisa Scaffidi and chaining himself to one of the backsides as the crane tries to drag off the sculpture. Max even questioned what TWOP had done for the youth of Perth. No-one is more youth compliant than The Worst of Perth Max. Some of us even were youths in the past. Also included, Monday’s Inside Cover piece.



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21 Responses to Sculpture bites back!

  1. greg says:

    Max Evans the typical philistine undoubtedly equates ‘great’ art with having charitable services potential only and ‘bad’ art as having the potential to make people really observe.

    In other words the Family values mentality, or tall poppy syndrome mentality, or in other words keeping the consciousness level of perth-ites at such a low to average state of awareness whilst he and his fat cat mates make big bucks stripping the land of its mineral wealth for overseas export and as well continuing to build onwards and ever outwards this great suburban nightmare we now call Perth. -gh


  2. Just reading between the lines I think Max is upset that he paid $1500 for it. However on the upside it did give him a lifetime supply of yoof comment.


  3. Also suggested headline ” Max mad at removal of Bottom”


  4. greg says:

    Its a bit sad when you pay so much for a sculpture without its bum. Maybe he could commission someone to stick on another one.

    Though I should’nt get too uppity about criticising perth public art just in case someone puts a photo of my two efforts that I done for the then new subi cinemas down along hay st.

    Though in my defence I got less than two months to knock em out that is paint em, build the stretchers they’re on, find appropriate style canvas, as well paint em out in the middle of a paddock under an old shed at balcatta right in the midst of winter.

    Only got seven grand and got bailed out at the end of it all for over-charging. sheesh -greg hoey


  5. lazyaussie says:

    You mean the paintings inside? If so, I remember them. No-one has mentioned my bust of Geoff Gallop made from masking tape either.


  6. Cimbali says:

    So great to hear from philanthropist Max.
    So great that he spent $1500.00 from his own pocket to go to such a good cause.
    So great that he therefore owns the thing and can have it removed at his own expense.
    Please take it to your Mosman property Max- we’ve got enough of that sort of thing going on up here in the hills – bad sculpture I mean.
    or else you could donate it to the breast cancer awareness council where they could use it in a mastectomy scare campaign.


  7. lazyaussie says:

    It’s going to cost more than $1500 to shift the thing. I suggest they move it one cheek at a time.


  8. Mazarina says:

    It’s only fair that the ‘youth’ who were responsible help their patron saint Max by moving the sculpture themselves. And notice it only had to be passed in twice at auction before Max bought it…


  9. Blandwagon says:

    Isn’t that just a wonderfully Perth idea – “Street kids made it, therefore it’s great!”

    Maybe I can improve the value of my own artwork by sleeping under the Narrows Bridge for a week.


  10. lazyaussie says:

    What’s really good is that the Lord mayor has vowed to remove it, and max Evans is fighting to keep it. Just the sort of conflict that is perfect for TWOP fans.


  11. BedfordsCrackPotFraternity!! says:

    Ah yes the perfect storm in a tea cup – congrats on showing up these clowns for what they really are! TWOP fans I’m sure could’nt give a blind toss what becomes of this relic! But in the meantime where getting a great sideshow! Media manipulation at its finest! Brilliant!


  12. son of sniglet says:

    Max, its nice that you are flying the flag for those streetkids but maybe their talents could have been employed differently back then. The physical evidence clearly reveals that sculpture and masonry were not among their strengths. Not on any planet or parallel universe could this petrified orgy ball be considered worthy of further existence.


  13. greg hoey says:

    It might make for a fantastic funeral monument for our Mr.Max Evans if & when he departs this mortal coil. It could be placed upon his tombstone as sort of eulogy to the ‘youf’ of perth that Max so empathises with.

    It could also be seen as something heavy enough with which to ensure max’s spirit doesnt make its way back out of its coffin and continue to plague perth with more of max’s abyssmal theories on art & culture!

    The youth of perth might even carry on holding the flame for Max by the upkeep of his grave site, though I would’nt be too sure if the more enterprising of them stole some of the graveside marble in order to sell back to the stonemasonry services at a wholesale price.


  14. lazyaussie says:

    I think Max should have kept quiet. Sounds like he should be paying to have it shifted to his place. It will cost more than $1500 to move it.


  15. Mazarina says:

    I love it! Only in Perth could a topic so banal fuel such passionate fires. Thanks TWOP for making it happen – I’ve had endless hours of enjoyment from this debate in The West.


  16. Madison Heights says:

    $1500 to move it? I’ll get some mates together and smash the fucker into 1000s of pieces for half that plus sledgehammer hire fees and a carton of piss… We’ll even take photos and sweep up gratis!


  17. Leonard says:

    Madison Heights

    You’re talking my language. Let me know when it is and I’ll bring a wheelbarrow.


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  19. James says:

    About bloody time things were done. It’s simply inexcusable that idiot Nattrass held things back for so long. Why was he ever re-elected??


  20. Probably something to do with the Nattrass Mattress – – –

    I know – I’m always late to a party.


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