Bin here, Bin there.

More TWOP accomplishment? The bin is gone already? Maybe Robert Juniper called up and shouted at them? If it wasn’t for this, I’d say coincidence. Thanks to MM. I’d like to see the whole thing covered in rubbish within a few days.

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21 Responses to Bin here, Bin there.

  1. Natalia Fan #1 says:

    For some reason I’m reminded of the Lorax picking himself up by the seat of the pants and shooting into the sky. All that’s needed is a pile of rocks bearing the word “Unless”.


  2. WAtching says:


    If only we could do the same to Winton, Chong, Maddox et al…


  3. Jaidyn-Jaxxon says:

    Midland was constructed using tools; what better motif to adorn this up and coming, refurbished, revitalised (dare one suggest somewhat ethnically cleansed) neighborhood than vague representations of the very instruments of its creation? Can we get some whimsical tool men to aisle 5?

    As far as concerns Juniper’s ouevre, I must say I vastly prefer work like this, this, orthis masterpiece – such vision! Such finesse! Such rusticity, such joie de vivre, such darlingtonesque! Ouah ouah ouah! My soul it reverberates with delight!


  4. Mez says:

    1981. Guy Grey-Smith and Robert Juniper have a chat out on the front verge

    GGS: How’s the painting going Bob

    BJ: Really fucking good thanks Guy, selling really well, they just can’t seem to get enough of Pilbara landscapes… you should try that Guy…

    GGS: Try what?

    BJ: Pilbara landscapes, they sell real well, gonna buy a new car soon

    GGS: But I have been doing Pilbara landscapes Bob, for quite a few years now, in fact…

    BJ: Yeah but they gotta be abstract ones, they sell real well the abstract Pilbara landscapes, you’ll make HEAPS of money

    GGS: I am an abstract painter Bob, thats all I do… abstract

    BJ: Trust me Guy, this modernism stuff will take off in WA soon then we’ll all be swimming in money! Making a fortune mate, a fucking fortune!

    GGS: …you are making a fortune Bob

    BJ: yeah, yeah making heaps out of Pilbara landscapes – you should have a go Guy, the abstract ones sell the best

    GGS: but, I am… I… (sighs)… never mind

    (there is a pause in the conversation as two stalwarts of painting in WA realise they have nothing to say to each other and even less in common – they both watch silently as a Town of Mundaring rubbish truck drives by)

    GGS: where’s your bin by the way?

    BJ: I’ve been in the studio all day

    GGS: No, no where’s your wheelie bin?

    BJ: ….oh, I’ve really been down the pub all day

    GGS (dies)


  5. The Legend 101 says:

    are we talking about garbage bins because i am a bit annoyed at city of stirling my dad has 3 garden sheds he uses for putting bikes,garden tools,model boats and stuff like that in and we get a guy from city of stirling banging on our front door telling us to get rid of our sheds and where like Hell No mate you just give us a green bin and not even a footpath outside our house. I’m telling you all go look at City of Stirling HQ when you have a time it’s like a palace.


  6. The Legend 101 says:

    Are we talking about garbage bins because True fact in the U.K some people don’t have bins they just put all the rubbish in plastic bags and chuck it on the front lawn on collection day because there worried about people putting bombs in there bins what the hell.


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