Call of The Verge

Combining two worsts in one. Gold velour and the practice of piling crap on the verge for cruising hillbillies to pick up.

gold velour

About AHC McDonald

Comedian, artist, photographer and critic. From 2007 to 2017 ran the culture and satire site The Worst of Perth
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31 Responses to Call of The Verge

  1. Barry says:

    Yehaw!! And it dun matches me weddin coat


  2. CK says:

    Gold velour: It’s the lounge you throw out when you move up to brown leatherette.


  3. hokusan says:

    L.A, I have it on good authority that you own a couch very similar to this. In fact the verge seems familiar also.


  4. tomthrett says:

    wow. thats um….cool. i swear to god these are the most ubiquitous couches in hte universe, aside from salmon pink pleather shapeless sacks… blech


  5. hokusan says:

    LA.. i believe there is photographic evidence.


  6. As the man says. They’re ubiquitous. I’m glad I’ve never had the salmon leather sacks though.


  7. Cameron says:

    Mmmm, vergeside shopping…


  8. AV says:

    cruising hillbillies

    You’re not wrong. During bulk rubbish season earlier this year a truckful of them rocked up in our cul de sac. I mean like a whole family. It was a side of Perth I had never even imagined existed.

    They took a couple of couches and an inoperative TV.


  9. meccano101 says:

    Last month a friend found an original Eames black leather armchair and footrest on hard rubbish worth thousands. I found two Herman Miller cast aluminium drafting chairs also. Whilst it is surprising what people pick up, it is also incredible what they throw away.


  10. Someone took a mould covered very old futon mattress from our verge. I don’t want someone who would use that, driving past my house. I don’t know what they did with it, but I’m sure banjos were playing while they were doing it.


  11. Anonymous Perthon says:

    Just down the road here someone had a very old, filthy and urine stained mattress with a sign on it saying “Free”


  12. tomthrett says:

    cant beleive someone threw out some eames! doofus! i cruise around hoping in vain someones thrown out a featherston. not good luck so far…


  13. gaugepin says:

    Gold velour aside, you seem to have very large verges in Perth. A developer here in Sydney would have had several ‘federation style’ town houses up on that lot by now!


  14. meccano101 says:

    Yeah me too, the herman millar’s are pretty special though. They were so heavy I nearly couldn’t get them home.


  15. meccano101 says:

    “Federation Style” Surely you mean Meriton apartments with no style?
    What happened to inner city Sydney through out the nineties was criminal. Meriton developments have ruined that city.


  16. gaugepin says:

    and they’re still at it too…


  17. Guagey, the verge is in lieu of footpath. The council has the land, but don’t want to encourage people to walk by actually putting in the path.


  18. gaugepin says:

    ah, to discourage visiting.


  19. meccano101 says:

    Instead they encourage sitting by the looks of things. I quite like the couch btw


  20. meccano101 says:

    Gaugey, what is the story with Bondi junction these days. The entire suburb is now an undercover shopping centre. As for Hurstville, man where do you start.?


  21. meccano101 says:

    Then of course there is the disaster known as Green Park and the entire length of Anzac Parade. The place is wrecked by cheap bulk development that already looks like it is ready to fall down.


  22. Mexccano. No replies to the Dirty Dicks comments?


  23. meccano101 says:

    Which comments L.A?


  24. gaugepin says:

    Yeah, there’s no room for the junction bit anymore. It was moved on. You have to hire a guide to get yourself out of the shopping centre.
    I remember there used to a be a theatre restaurant (do these still exist?) called ‘Dirty Dicks’. Strange decade the 70’s


  25. Rach says:

    Ohmigod I love it! It would go so well with my texturised wallpaper in the good room! Might clash a little with the yellow swirl carpet, but I can put a couple of doilys over the arms to break it up a bit.

    Please tell me where you saw this!!!!


  26. Rach, where were you? You could have had the 2 matching armchairs as well!


  27. Was it East Perth, I swear my friend’s son scored an armchair recently from the verge that looks exactly like this?


  28. No. Nearer to you MM. I have seen it on someone’s porch, nearby although it now has red cushions.


  29. Seems that gold velour was very popular in its day!

    Friends son said if they had had the energy they would have gone back for all the rest, but only had a coles shopping trolley for transport and it proved too much for them to do any more:)

    But they’re loving their new porch armchair, after having put previous gold velour cat-haired/scratched porch arm chair onto the verge and watched someone instantly whip it away to a new home haha…


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