Hyde Park Massacre

Lots of development at Hyde Park, but the ethos kind of puzzling. There is the (natch) artist impression and the “mission statement”, but WTF? They have called in an airstrike on the islands in the lake, under the justification of A: Charlie don’t surf, and B: to replace the vegetation with a more native focused flora. In that case why the fuck are the only trees left cotton palms and Canary Island palms? These are from America (or Mexico) and Canary islands. If you are going to get rid of the Willows, which are quite beautiful (see 2nd pic) but not native, surely you can lose the crap palms? Why are they keeping these shit trees? If you are keeping non natives, keep the willows and lose the crap palms. Looks like it needs a naked child on fire to complete the Viet tableaux.hp1

Before redevelopment

Before redevelopment

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13 Responses to Hyde Park Massacre

  1. Russell Woolf's Lovechild says:

    Err … would that be the Hyde Park filled up with London Plane trees and Moreton Bay Figs by any chance? Looking forward to the day when Lannie sends the chainsaws and chipper in for those.

    Perth people seem to have an irrational attachment to palm trees (too much Gilligan’s Island as kids?). If councils wanted to actually do something useful about weedy trees they could start going after the broad-leaved pepper tree where-ever it appears. Cocos notwithstanding.


    • That’s the place. Let’s cut them down too and plant some prickle bushes.


    • Martyn says:

      Too right. Saw this at the HP show a month or so back, was horrified. Those willows take quite a lot of time to get to that size for chrissake, at least plant Peppermint trees to replace them – those are WA natives and almost as pretty. And WTF is with this obsession with native plants anyway? There’s a reason our forebears preferred exotics in ornamental/botanical gardens-ish parks like this – we’re surrounded on all sides by native plants anyway and the exotics offer something different. So, er…yeah, let’s see the back of the big figs and then I’ll give this plan a hearing…


  2. Sledger says:

    Looks like the ducks aren’t keen either.


  3. Wgg says:

    Lets do the whole village.


  4. Anonymous says:

    Don’t jump in too early with criticism wait until the project is finished I think it will be great


  5. Apparently the willows on the west island will be retained.
    http://www.change.org/en-AU/petitions/the-city-of-vincent-perth-western-australia-save-the-hyde-park-weeping-willow-trees Still not sure why they kept the palms.


  6. JJ says:

    This is terrible. So Perth. That island of sinister foliage was the best thing about Hyde Park


  7. Martyn says:

    Meh. Two willows saved. Yeah, great, but the eastern island will remain ruined. Methinks some midnight guerilla willow-planting is called for.


  8. Lost and Found says:

    It will probably still look like the set for the sequel for Apocalypse Now… Apocalypse Northbridge?


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