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Outrage Sunday 173 new small bar

Bit of a slow start for Krazy Kym and I this morning. It was a big night out at Perth’s newest small bar. How new? It opened just before we ordered Grappling Hooks. By the time we got the munchies … Continue reading

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Weekend Worstoff 154

A long weekend! It will take us at least three days to penetrate some of today’s worsts. The first two pics are from E.V. and he claims they are both in Gilmour Avenue, Kwinana. “They aren’t too worst when seen … Continue reading

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fabric hardener

The first pic of the jumper around the pole was (still is) in Shenton Park. I stared at it for several minutes. Dadaist outrage? Witty visual pun? Drunken fumbling? Student prank? Manifestation of madness? I was reaching a tentative conclusion … Continue reading

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I’m Dee Fock and I’ll be your waiter today! Our main course is from Mike (who served up jungle cuisine the other day): he’s prepared a delicious rubbish sandwich at the five-star Red Castle. Our side dish is luke-warm chunky … Continue reading

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