Weekend Worstoff 154

A long weekend! It will take us at least three days to penetrate some of today’s worsts. The first two pics are from E.V. and he claims they are both in Gilmour Avenue, Kwinana. “They aren’t too worst when seen in isolation, but when seen one after the other they conjure disgusting images of mountains of oozing ground beef. Is it just me, or is there some irony here? What do you TWOP elites think?” Gosh E.V. – the news gerbalist in me likes the tie-in to the live sheep export issue. But other TWOP elites can decide.

Cookster is still with us, albeit famished: he went to Belmont for a feed, but struck out. Just as well: he only had $13.50 on him anyway. Is this a Vanished Worst? I suspect we’ve had it before, but I can’t see it in the archives…

In Guildford news, we’re still waiting for the City of Swan to fix the stone gates in Stirling Square. The fencing is nice.

Ah well: at least we’re not moving house this weekend.

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15 Responses to Weekend Worstoff 154

  1. The Legend 101 says:

    Thats a big couch, Wont it fall off?


  2. rottobloggo says:

    It doesn’t show up in the pic, but the item on the left between the rope and the couch is a Bintang hat.


  3. Lil' Sis' O' The Turnip says:

    I used to go to Casa Mia (the closed down home of the $14 pizza & pasta nights!) all the time when I lived in Belmont. The guy who ran it was a nutter, but I liked him.


  4. Lucky Star says:

    I’ve seen the STOP signs with the live export stickers before. I’m normally stuck on a bus and haven’t been able to photograph them. There’s two in West Perth, at the corner of Havelock St. It’s kind of ironic that they’re just near all the medical clinics, where I’m sure there’s other piles of oozing meat.


    • vegan says:

      there’s one on my street, no abbatoirs in sight. although there was a slaughterhouse somewhere on it in the nineteenth century.


  5. Hugh Jass says:

    Awww… I drove past that classic Belmont momento a few weeks ago and inside my head was “should I? Really? Should I battle this fucking Gt Eastern Hwy traffic and go back for a photo?”

    In the end, I stopped talking inside my head and just kept driving.

    Thanks Cookster. That’s a long way from home you’ve travelled to snap this gold.


  6. Cookster says:

    Yeah, I could’t go past the Casa Mia worst – took a left and went back around the block. As TLA taught me, it ain’t a worst unless it’s caught on camera.

    Anyway, what’s been happening here since I meandered off the scene last year?


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