fabric hardener

The first pic of the jumper around the pole was (still is) in Shenton Park. I stared at it for several minutes. Dadaist outrage? Witty visual pun? Drunken fumbling? Student prank? Manifestation of madness? I was reaching a tentative conclusion when a Wembley police station car drove by and gave me a toot to move long.

The jumper has a – how shall we say – unfortunate pattern. Is it as bad as airport carpet, do you think? I hate to mention airport carpet, because I am ashamed – even outraged – that Perth’s airport carpet does not feature on the slowly spinning globe on this wonderful site. Why can’t we let the rest of the world know? Sydney and Canberra are on there, for pity’s sake. I say this: I will post a choice literary gem to the TWOPer who gets Perth on that map.

The second pic is a sofa for sale at Freedom: the ad was in yesterday’s West. I’m sure they’ve made an error with the price and it is really $14.99. It made my eyes bleed, and that is never good for a marsanne hangover.

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29 Responses to fabric hardener

  1. Bento says:

    I understand they’re phasing out our old analog couches, and we’ll all have to have digital sofas by 2019.


  2. langhorne says:

    What’s a jumper?


  3. The Legend 101 says:

    Awsome couch where can i get it?


  4. Is there going to be a regular Outrage Sunday?


  5. Snuff says:

    Clearly a Shents yarnbomb. And I suspect the actual pattern on the sofa was so worst they had to pixelate it.


    • RubyRuby says:

      Hmm. Mr RR and I have been spotting guerilla knitting at Trigg, Mt Lawley and Northbridge. Yarnbombing is also a good term for it.


  6. The Bartender's skills with a Manhatten says:

    A computerized sofa?

    Looks like a great place to catch a virus.


  7. Crochety says:

    Agreed, kids these days are pretty bad, but this is a fucking mild bit of worst eh. If you’re going to put up ‘yarnbombers’ and pixel couches you might as well just submit Beaufort Street and be done with it.


  8. Lucky Star says:

    So that’s where I left my jumper! …no, not really. But it does look like something my mother would wear.

    That soft has nearly made my eyes bleed as well. It’s like a TV test pattern. But I best it doesn’t come with the elevator music they play when the test pattern is on. Perhaps they could throw in the music and one of those jumpers as part of the deal.


  9. Mrs Faz says:

    I actually really like the Freedom couch… It’s their knock off version of a series by this Spanish artist.
    Not as good, but I like it.


  10. rusty says:

    jumper is in Port Adelaide colours left in disgust by some unhinged fan burnt by the suns


  11. Hovean says:

    Not worst. Well meaning fellow took pity on the lawn, picked up the pallets and stacked them aside. Exhausted, off came the jumper. Suddenly realizing he’d better get the lawn registration under way he took off, leaving the jumper and leading to all the concern show above.
    The lawn’s showing some colour and we’ve had a taste of rain – beer and skittles.


  12. Fiona of Mount Lawley says:

    Once upon a time I lived in a flat (in Mount Lawley) with a brown ceiling. That was it’s natural colour, it was a suspended ceiling of polystyrene coated with pebbles. some on the other flats in the same building had the same thing except they had been painted white during refurbishments. Occasionally I would ponder why anyone would install a brown ceiling. I also reflected of the chemically treated straw insulation on top of those ceiling panels, speculated on what exactly the chemicals were (I opted for the notion of something fairly poisonous. The stuff was, quite naturally, subject to a process of organic decay. I meditated on the state of wiring (up in the roof cavity, with the mouldering (probably arsenic or at best copper/chromium/cobalt treated) straw and the polystyrene foam ceiling panels which would produce a cynanogen gas as one of the combustion products). And here is the relevant part, I tried and failed to imagine the thought process which would identify this combination as the best option for the structure.

    I feel the same way looking at that sofa. I regard at it increduously, and my question, “Why ?” receives no answer. Not from within my soul, and not from the uncaring sky.


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