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Sunny Sandgroper

Momma’s got a Sunny Sandgroper, Plays with it all night long… EV notes that these …things used to be everywhere in 70s and 80s. Now, not. He has a friend with this mint condition version who lets him play with … Continue reading

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Five Graves to Joondalup

Lieutenant Schwegler: We’ve been killing the English like flies! Later, we’ll kill the flies like the English.” 5 graves to Cairo. Sinister or poignant? I almost get the feeling that Mr. Puddy’s body can’t be far from here. Or is … Continue reading

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Dead Ted

Apart from the foreign book outrage, these are the other shocking pictures James N sent me from Bayswater. Let that be an example to all teddies.

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Bears, soiled with something, hopefully not actually honey from Jaidyn-Jaxxon Another from Brer Bento that seems to fit the theme, somehow. I can’t quite say why. Nice photo though. And err one monkey about to soil another, from Ian in … Continue reading

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Fright of the Phoenix

“Let me tell you a story. A rabbi and a priest attend a boxing match. They watch as the boxers come into the ring. The rabbi sees one of the boxers cross himself. So the rabbi turns to the priest … Continue reading

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Weekend Worstoff 34

Yes WW’off is late. Blame qantas, delayed flights etc. What is the correct description for Qantas these days? Is it ramshackle or is it cochamamie? Jeez they just get crappier every day. If the only value an airline has is … Continue reading

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Kookaburra sits in old Nanjing

Ratbag23 sent in this lovely one dollar Kookaburra from China. A labourer was exploited for this? Sewing the head on upside down should qualify for an extra beating by the overseer. But for a dollar, never mind the quality, feel … Continue reading

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