Kookaburra sits in old Nanjing

Ratbag23 sent in this lovely one dollar Kookaburra from China. A labourer was exploited for this? Sewing the head on upside down should qualify for an extra beating by the overseer. But for a dollar, never mind the quality, feel the beak.
Help me

Help me

About The Lazy Aussie

Commended Haiku writer. A lover of The West's Worst. Perth stand-up comedian, photographer and writer.
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12 Responses to Kookaburra sits in old Nanjing

  1. David Cohen says:

    What’s the size of this thing? I might be over-tired from standing watch with a shotgun over the house all night to stop farmers from taking my money…but it appears to loom over the dryanda in the background…


  2. Rolly says:

    That’s what you might call “quality control”.
    Presumably the importer/wholesaler/distributor likewise neither knows nor cares what the bird actually looks like.
    Obviously another ‘metrocentric twat ©’
    “……But, Oh! how the money rolls in.”


  3. Groucho says:

    …would the sound then be “ah, ah, ah, kook, kook, kook.


  4. Mazarina says:

    just wait till we start uranium mining – this is an accurate, anatomically correct portrayal of FUTURE kookaburras in WA


  5. forkboy says:

    And before the throne there was a sea of glass like unto crystal: and in the midst of the throne, and round about the throne, were four beasts full of eyes before and behind.
    And the first beast was like a lion, and the second beast like a calf, and the third beast had a face as a man, and the fourth beast was like a flying eagle………….repent now TWOP….the end is nigh!!!


  6. Did I see that you had your own blog now Forkboy? You can add the link when you comment you know.


  7. forkboy says:

    Lazy @ 6 – its currently a work in progress….trying to manage blog, job, wife, three kids and beer is taking its toll on my health


  8. forkboy says:

    and sanity…………


  9. You have smaller breasts on your blog I recall.


  10. Golden1 says:

    Hey Lazy Aussie
    I like your new avatar. Strangely enough I was at Camberwell markets (Melbourne) last week and saw a 150th commemorative plate with that swan logo on it. I was going to buy it and send it to you just for larks but the guy wanted $25 for it. He was clearly insane as I don’t think it was that much when it was new.
    At that point I realised that standing in the rain in Victoria, haggling over a commemorative plate for Westen Australia while my two children were about to win the national wingeing title was also bordering on insanity so I walked away.
    (I might go back next week)


  11. Groucho says:

    Like buttered bread…..does a Kookaburra land on it’s head if it fell out of a tree or does it land face up ?

    Perhaps Ratbag23 can conduct a scientific experiment without Greenpeace knowing.


  12. cimbali says:

    Having a crap day today and just found time to check out TWOP. Laughed until I wept at the Kooka cock up – I mean head up.


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