Outrage Sunday 258 La Palme d’Or de Burswood

A ute of gold with the tree of man. IMG_1002
Apoligies in advance for any inconveineince: IMG_4325
Just who is this bloke? He’s still there. Perhaps he’s the patron saint of Savlon (which can fix anything), or been falsely accused of something. IMG_4362
The UWA book sale is over for another year. “There are some mad people out there,” a staffer said, before they opened the doors. Amen to that, sister. IMG_4365
I’m enjoying Waterholes of Western Australia, but surely this isn’t right? “The Subiaco Hotel is trimmed…by what appears to be an unfinished tower”. Didn’t the tower fall off during the Meckering earthquake? IMG_4391

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22 Responses to Outrage Sunday 258 La Palme d’Or de Burswood

  1. Reign of Error says:

    Ahhhhhhh the Red Castle…….the proprietor’s name was Mrs Wee. This fine establishment combined the medieval themed ‘Lost Knight’ bar AND a revolving restaurant. What’s not to like!

    I once witnessed Quentin Kenihan attacking people with his wheelchair in a fight outside the Red Castle. 100% true story. Beat that.

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  2. Who could forget the colourful , larger than life character Marxsy ? Well they have , remaindered in a table of Westraliana. And Sir, the identity of the Sigma-tified gentleman has been well and truly covered on this August journal of record. Good day to you.


  3. Russell Woolf's Lovechild says:

    Perchance the workers on the Subi Hotel tower got so many Wilson parking fines they just walked?


  4. JaneZ says:

    I am not convinced that “casselated” is a word.


  5. NF#1 says:

    Good to see Cockington Dog back at the top of the Top Pots & Pages list, I must say. Dog on.


  6. mancey says:

    Cameo arse end of a nice woggy gold VC Valiant in the subi shot by the looks


  7. Yeah Right says:

    The original Red Castle way down in its dingy dank dark dangerous depths, was a pistol shooting range and a massive wine cellar all in the same location…… How do I know? I used to be a kid and kids know these things. We only drank the Fanta’s out of the fridge and not the 1954 Grange Hermitage jobbies and the like….. Yek

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