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Bird Beware

A bird discouragement apparatus, cannot have ANY credibility without a proper bird skewering to christen it. Lol. I’m guessing dove. They not too bright. #birdsofclaremont

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Outrage Sunday 258 La Palme d’Or de Burswood

A ute of gold with the tree of man. Apoligies in advance for any inconveineince: Just who is this bloke? He’s still there. Perhaps he’s the patron saint of Savlon (which can fix anything), or been falsely accused of something. … Continue reading

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Outrage Sunday 147 phoenix

Our bed-selling friends have re-grouped, and are doing the avian business. Exceptional men.This Bulwer Street specimen won’t be doing anything pheonix-like, though, alas. And I hope the young bloke who was in this Curtin Uni dunny was able to rise … Continue reading

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