Outrage Sunday 199 forever unclean

Yikes! Spiritual danger on the Fremantle line! I wonder if s/he is mates with Shenton? Anyway, I gave my phone a quick rinse in Napi-San when I got home, let me tell you.
Can Meryl Styants remove the unclean? I reckon she could, and I trust I’ll be holding hands with you next Sunday in the Guildford Town Hall.
Meryl was a top-selling real estate agent before she got the word. There was a stint in Canberra, and then: “God unexpectantly moved us to Perth”. She pioneered, and was forever cleaning. “At our peak we were distributing 100,000 tracts into the City of Perth per year. Many conversions took place on the Streets of Perth”. Have you got problems with your balcony? Is your team not winning a semi-final? Won’t your oven door not fully close? “I have seen the visually impaired receive sight, deaf ears opened, asthma healed, back conditions healed, curvature to the spine healed, frozen shoulders healed etc.”

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9 Responses to Outrage Sunday 199 forever unclean

  1. Rong1 says:

    Too late. Jimmy Swaggart saved me years ago! He sinned for my sins.


  2. Sir Bill International says:

    Wifi killed the street walker, as a quick trip down Stirling St with the “smart” phone switched to reveal will show. Just ask Lannie McT.


  3. juantrak says:

    “Forever unclean” is one of Meryls unheralded abject failure attempts. Some people are totally incorrigible, and beyond redemption. It was probably a FIFA board member.


  4. El Guisto says:

    Now brothers and sisters, I want you to reach deep into your hearts, and especially deep into your wallets, because the lord has told me you have another hundred dollar bill in there…

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  5. Darchie says:

    Is “prostrate abnormalities” when you can’t get comfortable lying down?


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