Outrage Sunday 129 triumpant

At first I wondered if it was a Howard Sattler biopic. Now I’m thinking it’s a nautical version of Cast Away. Will Bobby be as triumpant in his new venture as he was in All The President’s Men? Now that was a film. Anything that has the gerbalists as heroes is not worst. Deep Throat, the balcony flowerpot, Dustin Hoffman’s heroic smoking, “follow the money”, CREEP. Good times! Who will play me in the triumpant film about my dazzling investigation of the Cottesloe toilets? triumpantAlso there is the subtle triumpantcy of correcting office signs. This is not laminated, but I’m sure you’ll agree it hits the spot. photocopyingHave to run: I’m late for a meeting! audience

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16 Responses to Outrage Sunday 129 triumpant

  1. orbea says:

    DFOC is back on verge collections again. This time right near home. How quaint


  2. Yeah Bob. He used to be trihumpypants but now more trinannapants. There comes a stage when you can’t gerbal anymore let alone get insurance for it.


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