Paul Murray: Taking it up the arse

WA broadcasting attained new heights yesterday morning when Paul Murray was behind the 6PR microphone. After a relentless grilling of Colin Barnett, the Premier showed grace under fire and graciously exited the studio just ahead of Mr Murray‘s red-hot ring-stinger expose at 0930.

To his credit, Mr Murray prefaced his probe with a warning: what was to follow was not for the squeamish. Then, the incisive intro: young people are rectally deploying alcohol-soaked objects to get pissed. Mr Murray proceeded to display his knowledge about taking it up the arse.

Is this what the Anzacs fought (and died) for? Have young people no shame? The Worst of Perth congratulates (and salutes) Mr Murray for exposing this heinous habit. But what will the taxpayer-funded authorities do? At first blush, nothing, unlike Mr Murray.

One local teenager, a member of AAA (Anal Alcoholics Anonymous) reported repeated failure after trying to get wasted on anally-administered alcohol: “Never again. You can stick those stupid beer bongs up your arse.”

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36 Responses to Paul Murray: Taking it up the arse

  1. It’s the only way to drink Export. Isn’t this a myth? Did he mention drop bears?


  2. And as Nurries knows, to make matters worse, after the Great Upending yesterday, toolies are heading back to Dunnies boro and Rotto to adminster aforesaid to distraught schoolies.


  3. Russell Woolf's Lovechild says:

    Surely it has to be less painful than listening to 6PR?


  4. Bento says:

    I also heard some schoolies are setting the cruise control on their cars and going in the back to take a nap.


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  6. senectus says:

    ha! That makes me think that Paul Murray is a covert 4ChanTard…

    Paul Murray: trolling 6PR before trolling was a thing.


  7. Snuff says:

    Despite being generally ineffectual, it is of course, everywhere. More importantly …


  8. orbea says:

    If Nurry were a serious journo he would do controlled trials of blob-soak-and-insert on live radio


  9. billoslatter says:

    6PR listerners will be wondering if Tony Abbott is a closet or fifth columnist Fabianista after his “performance” yesterday .
    First of all Julia carefully pulled them out and started playing “Duelling Banjos” on them Tony’s unrelenting and somewhat stupid interrogation however continued “ I know youse a liar , Juliar. You did it didn’t ya. Ya look quilty to me. Who was on first on the fourth and the fifth wasn’t he ? N’ya ,n’ya. Got ya there didn’t we” Julia played Duelling Banjos louder. Tony continued “This is all under ethical and mis legal” He then holds up a copy of the latest Darch Examiner “Its all in here ,, get your copy now” imitating a newspaper boy of old.
    OMG Julia placed Tone’s balls on the anvil and is stepping on them with her high heels. Now she has taken out a rusty razor and is sawing at them It is a wonder Tony doesn’t feel a thing. Tony continues on in a high pitched voice. “Youse was there , I seen ya and my Aunty told me youse was bad “ .Tony could feel the beat building up “ Youse did it , youse did” he repeats trance like while rocking and rolling twisting and turning, ironically helping Julia remove his balls. The ambulance arrived and Tony was being taken to hospital to be treated for shock.


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  11. My Ning says:

    Personally, I think PM could do with a vodka enema


  12. Cy Fort says:

    Paul Murray takes it in the mouth.


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