A quiet crap in Allen Park…

This was recently sent in by a journalistic type. It was labelled Allen Park 1982. They asked, “Could it be the little doggy unfortunate enough to be born into the Paul (Nurry) Murray family?” It’s hard to tell if the doggy has a copy of Murray’s Multanova piece around its neck or not. Unfortunately Murray hasn’t been bad enough to feature much lately. He’s been bad, sure. Turgid, tedious, ignorant, but not the baaaaaaad that we all came to love. Couldn’t get what he was going on about today, mainly because I didn’t read past the leaden first few pars, but his last sentence caught my eye. “He is a moral.” Did he mean amoral, or was it supposed to be he is a moral something eg vacuum? Or is moral a noun now? And by the way, Pam Mosellas. Worst retiring ever. Why are you still beavering around? So go. littledoggy

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60 Responses to A quiet crap in Allen Park…

  1. shazza says:

    Being at the cutting edge of all that is Ooshta in WA, Poor Lisa and I did discuss Nurry, and Pammy, on Saturday on TWOP. So it could be said his worstness continues to rate recent mentions.


  2. monkeypants says:

    at least that guy didn’t get thrown outta the game for taking a dump on the grass:



  3. Bill O'Slatter says:

    No doubt this is one of Muttsies ancestors for certainly the strategic crap runs in the family. Not enough has been written about Muttsie, IMHO.What type of dog is he ( animal lecter or Terrorian ?), his habits and nature.


  4. skink says:

    a new bete noire has turned up on my radar

    I was driving home last night listening to the Woolf, and he was joined in the studio by what I though was a giggling teenager with a nasal whine, who rambled on about nothing in particular, and, like, whatever.

    It turned out to be ‘columnist and blogger’ Belle Taylor, and the only thing that I could think about was that she should marry the MP for Carongamite – Darren Cheeseman


  5. Bill O'Slatter says:

    I don’t want to intrude into Skink territory but wasn’t Danny Hatch’s col. in Sat. Worst strangely backwardly predictive. i.e complaining about the lack of Bare-arsedness at the Pride night ?


  6. my ning says:

    I too was somewhat perplexed by the ‘he is a moral’ comment.

    No doubt some crap sub editor fucked it up (he/she probably put it through the spell check and forgot to look to see if what the computer was suggesting actually made any sense).

    Still, it wasn’t as bad as the subbing on Terry McCrann’s piece in the Oz on the weekend – whoever subbed it split the opening sentence into two paragraphs and made the poor man look like a loon.

    Unfortuantely, by the end of the piece (and I don’t know if we can blame the sub here) he sounded like not so much a loon, but a raving lunatic.

    It was all about carbon, the ETS and how we are all gunna pay. Copy for jam really – kinda Murrayesque in its way.

    I’m starting to miss the good old daze when Murray’s stuff was hideously bad.


  7. Onanist says:

    Love it. There is nothing more goofy in the world than a defecating dog.


  8. curious says:

    moral has always been a noun.

    just not one that you might apply to a person.


  9. Snuff says:

    Maybe it was a typo ?


  10. my ning says:

    Mr LA – no uranium mining in Qld as yet, although it was interesting to see Peter Beattie’s complete backflip a few weeks ago when he suggested that nuclear power should be on the national energy mix debate agenda.

    And, in a kind of related development, now that Carps is going to become the horse’s mouth for Westfarmers, no doubt he’ll be pushing the company’s coal line – something which should be problematic given we’re all worried about global warming and coal sequestration is a complete fucking waste of time, resources and money.

    Although Carps may not like to make the connection, he is now working for a company which had Julian Grill looking out for its interests (ie lobbying) during those early, murky days of Western Power de-aggregation. Welcome to the dark side Al, you miserable bastard….


    • shazza says:

      ‘Green’ coal, sequestration, how desperate the coal industry looks with these attempts to maintain relevancy. Just like farming cows, destined for doomsville.


  11. my ning says:

    Yep – we need nuclear energy, there’s no two ways about it.

    Renewable energies can only be sustained when they receive huge government subsidies. Can’t see too much of this in the pipeline after Troy the boy said that we here in WA alone were $680 million or so in debt post the mining boom.

    Also can’t see the Feds doing too much in regard to this as: (1) they’re gunna have a huge debt come next May after the big giveaway, and; (2) the national broadband plan is going to become a massive black hole.

    Coal use should be outlawed. Unfortunately, the Commonwealth is in the pockets of the big four coal miners (Rio, BHP, Anglo American and Xstrata). And hell, why shouldn’t it be? Afterall, those fuckers employ people, who then pay taxes so useless dickwits in the Federal parliament can keep their jobs.

    As for nuke-em weapons and waste, they are already problems – and will continue to be regardless of whether we here in Oz decide to cut down greenhouse gasses in a meangingful way (through the deployment of nuclear energy) rather than sit through the next round of babble from the clean coal proponents, who in the best case screnario are going to make squillions out of promoting a technology which will eventually prove to be too expensive to fully implement.


    • Bill O'Slatter says:

      Pretty much covering Batt Muckels terrortory here Ninge.
      Seconded on the nuclear irradiation into the energy mix.


      • shazza says:

        I just wish nuclear was considered as a last resort rather than a fait accompli.


        • Bill O'Slatter says:

          Energy conservation is not goin to be a goer with the hoi polloi, Shazz.


          • shazza says:

            Aaahh don’t get me started on wealthy wankers and their horrendous patterns of consumption. I know all about fuckwits who use 100’s of units a month in power and then squeal at the thought of paying current prices to install some solar as compensation.

            Like that fucking monstrosity the Oswals are building. Fully solar powered my arse.


            • skink says:

              surely, since the sun shines out of your arse, there shouldn’t be much of a problem making your arse fully solar powered.

              how did we get from a crapping dog to the future of Australia’s energy supply?


              • shazza says:

                See La’s question to My Ning above.

                When the federal rebates for solar are generous people embrace the technology with gusto.

                The poorest amongst us will begin to take notice of their power use when they start paying what it truly costs .


    • Paracleet says:

      Actually all conventional sustainable power generation methods, except solar, are cheaper than nuclear energy which has enormous capital costs associated with construction & decommissioning. Running costs for maintenance and most particularly mining also adding to the ongoing costs. In fact the opposite of what you say (again, except for solar power) is true. It is nuclear power that is subsidised to make it competitive for commercial power generation. If it wasn’t, it wouldn’t be used for anything other than nuclear weapons and medical radio-isotopes.
      We shouldn’t be even bothering to discuss nuclear power in this country until we have exercised all our cheaper options. Specifically compulsory energy efficiency designs in building codes & building wind power generation up to its maximum allowable grid penetration level (which would presumably be somewhere between 5 to 15%).
      The only people really beating up nuclear power fall broadly into 3 categories: 1) Those with something to gain from it, 2) People who find renewable engergy sissy and prefer the raw grunt of giggawatt sized powerpants and 3) idiots


      • skink says:

        I have a pair of gigawatt sized power pants, bulging with the raw grunt of my kahunas.

        I may also be an idiot.

        my opinion is that as long as we export more coal and gas than we use, there is no place in this country for nuclear power.

        we should however mine all the yellowcake we can, and sell it to the French, who then sell their surplus electricity to the poms and the Algerians, and the Moroccans, and possibly the Belgians.


        • Rolly says:

          The French power grid is already quite seriously over committed.
          They have been unable to maintain the supply to their existing external customers.
          They have to build more nuclear reactors to provide for their domestic markets and are facing enormous costs to decommission older reactors which have already gone beyond their intended lives.

          I agree that we do not need to build nuclear facilities in Australia as there is a plethora of alternative supplies to replace a large part of the existing ‘base load’ supplied from conventional power stations.
          If the wasted off peak surplus was stored efficiently (read hydrogen, refilled elevated water storage for hydro, capture of carbon dioxide and reduction to monoxide for later burning, compression of air for later release as turbine propulsion, compression of air to release heat for industrial use and then decompression for day time cooling, etc., so on and so forth.
          There’s geothermal energy being successfully proven, sub-surface wave generators undergoing commercial evaluation, your plain old fashioned wind turbines, and god knows how many other as yet unpublished processes that can all be brought into the mix.
          The concept of a single “base load” is itself a fossil (pun intended) and an outstanding example of simplistic thinking and vision blinkered by tradition.

          HTF did I get drawn into this debate?

          Other than the fact that so very few people have even an inkling of what is practicable and economically feasible, and that they are the ones fueling the debate and making complete arses of themselves in the process, there’s very little humour in it.


      • phreestyle says:

        @ Paracleet
        I agree with you.

        However, I do think we need to actually have a rationale debate about this subject in Australia.

        Instead, a bunch of dogmatic so called conservationists have hijacked the agenda and any mention of nuclear power is immediately shouted down. Currently the pros and cons have no chance to emerge.


  12. Slanderer says:

    And don’t forget that oil is about $78 per barrel when we were being conditioned to expect a stabilisation at well over $100. So much for peak oil. If the market can truly keep oil at the current level or lower, it wrecks the economics of the replacement innovations.


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