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I had intended to give the Paul Murray bashing a bit of a rest for a while for a couple of reasons. Firstly, I heard him being slagged off by several other journalists to such an extent that I almost began to feel sorry for the old bastard. Surely calling for urgent Murray retirement is my territory? Also, I had started to pay more attention to ex Carmen Lawrence staffer Zoltan Kovacs, who I swear writes the same column every week about the English language. Murray might be the cut and paste master, but Zoltan’s subtle reincarnation of the topic, “Is the english language rooted? I have no idea.” is like a Hindu wheel of karma. “Are SMS’s bad for English? I Idon’t know.” “Is swearing bad for english? I don’t know.” “Is emailing bad for english? I don’t know.” “Is strict grammar important for english? I don’t know.” But I was forced to suspend my Murray suspension when I received the following photos from anonymous correspondent “The Daily Beast,” who claimed these were pictures of Teh Paul in the 1980’s. Is it really him? The budding Jack Van Tongeren Mo makes me think it is. And more importantly is that fucking stonewash? I should give a tip to anonymous contributors. Don’t  email me from your WA Newspapers email accounts. In any case I am most grateful. Perhaps this is a chance to again ask about The new editor for The West. Who will it be? Why is it taking so long? Is it Barearse, Is is Ass head? Is it me?


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  1. Frank Calabrese says:

    Hmm, I wonder what wine is he drinking – certainly it isn’t his current tipple DeBortolis, which he was flogging while on 6PR.

    And I wonder who bought up all the excess copies of CAfe Talk when Access 31 went belly up ? and more importantly who has the Master Tapes ? I’m assuming that Gerry Gannon, the producer of said program and deputy chair of the Board still has them – I wonder if teh Paul owns a copy of his interview ??? :-)


  2. Grrr says:

    Stonewash was THE VERY THING back in the 1980s.
    I myself had a pair of jeans… they survived into the 1990s. They may still inhabit some crate somewhere.

    I forgot he flogged DeBortolis while on 6PR. I know he is still flogging Westralian Auto Finance or some sort of share trading scheme.

    I only listen for the howls of anguish among the callers, not the ads (6PR ads are a Worst of Perth of their own… not unlike the old GWN ads).

    This afternoon I hope to hear pensioners and cabbies apoplectic with rage that The Eagles will not have a new $2 billion grass patch to run around on (not one I will hear will express regret that the new museum at the East Perth eyesore will not go ahead).


  3. Bill O"Slatter says:

    Some things never change ; well apart from when they die. ( hat tip Bento).


  4. skink says:

    looks like he’s drinking red wine from a champagne flute whilst scratching his balls

    no class


  5. Groucho says:

    Pity he wasnt wearing them during the stone washing process…..or was he……hard to tell really.


  6. Paul Nurry says:

    Let me say at the outset that I Paul Nurry am drinking “At First Blush” a beetroot wine fermented in hollowed out pumpkins in the executive bog. More particularly, why no comment on the arse desperate to burst out of those slacks behind me? I think you know who it is at first blush.


  7. My Ning says:

    Dear P Nurry

    The drink in question is not At First Blush, although I admit it does have some beetroot in it. Rather, it’s a homemade brew I concocted late one night called Cut and Paste while I was listening to some old ABBA tapes on my portable Toshiba tape deck out in the garage. Ah, the 1980s – what an age of innocence, when having a moustache didn’t mean you looked like a child molester or like someone who gave a fuck about mens’ depression or having a prostate.

    Of course we only had Wangs back then – plus there was no net to lift from – but being the pioneering spirit I am I managed to name the drink in honour of the new school of journalism I was trying to create. And it worked – everytime I read this site I see a heap of wannabe hacks emulating my prose style.

    My next batch of toxic brew – to be consumed before I pull another 1000 worder about Rudd out of my arse (hence the beetroot) – will be called Little Doggie….


  8. Paul Nurry says:

    Dear Ning, you are confusing the drink with “A quiet Day in Allen Park” which is the pilsner homebrew I started making when it looked like my 6PR money was going to run out, and Armstrong hadn’t yet started taking a shine to my bullshit. In fact it was after a litre of At first blush”, washed down with a couple of cold A quiet Day in Allen Parks, that paul Armstrong’s mother finally decided to take me on.
    At first blush, I am also in a quandry regarding future columns. Do I reprise my Rudd hating “turn off the lights” piece, since that day of horror is upon us again, or do I paste last year’s “Why the fuck would I say cunt?” to celebrate the sanctioning of the f word by a magistrate?


  9. Frank Calabrese says:

    [I only listen for the howls of anguish among the callers, not the ads (6PR ads are a Worst of Perth of their own… not unlike the old GWN ads).]

    which in 6PR’s fine tradition of multi-tasking are produced and engineered by Rob Fletcher, and Jon Lewis – when they are not on air – Jon Lewis is also Graham Maybury’s panel operater from Monday to Thursday, and then does Midnight to Dawn on the weekend, speaking of Mid-Dawns, during January 6PR had 96FM’s Gavin Millar doing JL’s spot for a couple of weekends – very inspired choice having an FM Jock OTHER than Gary Shannon doing Talkback, but then again it was Sattler who hired Yorkie for a failed stint doing afternoons, while the station still had racing – killed the whole show – despite Yorkie trying his hardest by having a sweep.


  10. My Ning says:

    Speaking of Yorkie (Heeeeeeey), he’s available as a wedding MC- must be a blow for the man who ruled the morning AM radio airways some 35 years ago….


  11. Frank Calabrese says:

    Speaking of Yorkie (Heeeeeeey), he’s available as a wedding MC- must be a blow for the man who ruled the morning AM radio airways some 35 years ago….

    Yorkie has been a Wedding MC/Celebrant for over 30 years – he started that gig while still at 6PM when a listener asked him to marry them on air, his normal day job is in sales for…… 6PR.


  12. We’ve covered Yorkie’s marrying tendencies before.


  13. My Ning says:

    Goes to show how little notice I take of the important things. I was truly shocked when I saw his ad in the paper the other day – I thought he completely crawled under a rock years ago. Still, if Russell Goodrick can make mining videos … I just thank Gawd that I never ran into Yorkie when I used to make wedding videos, although I did come across Adam Spagnolo once. Now there’s a person who can make even the most seasoned skin crawl.

    I mean honestly, who the fuck would hire these people to be part of their special day? Personally, I’d prefer Hans Merks or Baz Barkla – even John “I’m so fucking sincere” Hughes would be better.


  14. Frank Calabrese says:

    although I did come across Adam Spagnolo once. Now there’s a person who can make even the most seasoned skin crawl.

    Who was once a radio announcer using the name Adam Joseph (His first two christian names), namely in Kalgoorlie and later on 6KY in the late 70’s whwn they were Beautiful Music.


  15. skink says:

    I see that Barney has set the wheels in motion to allow lead concentrate exports through Fremantle.

    possibly that announcement should go under “asleep at the wheel”, but I am confident that Inspector Google himself: Paul Nurry, Toxic Avenger, will be on the case tomorrow.

    after succesfully reducing nickel exports through Esperance by shutting down Ravensthorpe, one can only imagine the impact he will have on Freo.

    I can’t wait til the uranium shipments start


  16. forkboy says:

    isn’t that the keyboard player from David Letterman at the rear?


  17. Oh I thought you meant in the Murray pic. (Can he really tell that from the arse and slacks?)


  18. [I only listen for the howls of anguish among the callers, not the ads (6PR ads are a Worst of Perth of their own… not unlike the old GWN ads).]

    Most people seem to be for the cuts not against.


  19. Frank Calabrese says:

    Most people seem to be for the cuts not against.

    But only because it’s their heroes the Libs thst are doing it – if it was Eric making the announcement as treasurer…….. The usual cries of “Rip off woould be uttered.



  20. Bento says:

    I think the response is pretty predictable, and is consistent regardless of the political stripes of the government at the time.

    “They shouldn’t be spending money on fireworks/stadiums/overseas trips/single mothers/immigrants. They should be spending it on pensioners/hospitals/police/dog food subsidies.”

    Repeat to fade.


  21. Paul Murray needs to get those jeans from the back off the cupboard (you know he still has them), shred the shit out of them and cut them off above the knee and play third fiddle with MGMT.

    Excommunication is too good for Paul Murrary. He needs to start a blog, edit a community newspaper, do the drive time commute traffic update – profile enough to receive another decade of rotten fruit lobbed at him.


  22. I do like that moustache. It’s amazing.


  23. Frank Calabrese says:

    Hmm, is no more…. Grace and Nurry will be restricted to the dead tree version.

    The newspaper’s board, which met this morning, has agreed to combine its online news service in WA with Yahoo Seven.

    Mr Wharton says it will cut costs.

    “I will use my relationship with Seven and with other TV and commercial radio networks to build relationships from which we can draw quality content,” he said.

    “[We will] devise and execute promotional strategies that generate increased circulation and revenue for the company.”


  24. Bill O'Slatter says:

    “ is no more” ROFL. We at the Worst are going backward into the future ……… because the bastard future has no place for us.


  25. But did they actually say that Teh Paul blogger is no more? I only heard that it would be integrated with yahoo 7.


  26. Frank Calabrese says:

    But did they actually say that Teh Paul blogger is no more? I only heard that it would be integrated with yahoo 7.

    I’m assuming they will dump the current website and use the Yahoo7 template which doesn’t do blogs.


  27. Bill O"Slatter says:

    The Worst has seen the future and it stinks. Now if only O’Slatter Corp can obtained that domain name ; advertising wonga Yahoo.


  28. Frank Calabrese says:

    TWAT on the search for a new Editor – it seems that Teh Paul may not be suitable :-)

    The publisher, which started the second half of its financial year with a completely overhauled board of directors, led by Seven Network Ltd chairman Kerry Stokes, would not be drawn on when it would announce a new editor to replace Paul Armstrong as its flagship publication, The West Australian.

    Mr Armstrong was made redundant in mid-January.

    Mr Wharton told a teleconference on Tuesday that acting editor Bob Cronin, who is also editor-in-chief, would continue editing WA’s monopoly newspaper as the search for a new editor continued.

    He said “this is a critical appointment and as such, the process won’t be rushed”.

    “I want to get the best person for the job. Wherever that person comes from is fine.

    “I would consider it a plus if they had West Australian experience, though.”


  29. Grrr says:

    Most people seem to be for the cuts not against.

    People may be for the cuts overall (and they are sensible – although I want to know if the Nats slushfund is going to be cut), but have you listened to the average 6PR session? As the clock ticks towards six and Barra (or whomever) loom closer there were howls of pain from people who somehow think WE NEED to spend $1 billion fucking up Subiaco or East Perth even more by building a multi-purpose sport venue.

    Eric Ripper was on the telly last night bleating about it, and from some plush office somewhere they even dug up Neale Fong to bleat about how the taxpayer would have to fund three “substandard” sporting ovals.

    I’m a bit confused The West isn’t frothing at the mouth over this sleight to the battlers…. maybe the post-Armstrong era is a little more restrained.


  30. skink says:

    I love that line about building ‘relationships from which we can draw quality content’, which rather acknowledges the piss-poor standard of their copy to date.

    and I note a conspiracy of silence from The West regarding Fremantle lead exports – not one story in the entire paper

    where is the Toxic Avenger?


  31. Cookster says:

    Grrr, you’re obviously a herring smoking hippy who doesn’t appreciate the finer points of AFL. For some of us ‘battlers’, going to watch the footy every second week is a great day / night out, marred only by the shit hole that is Subiaco Oval.

    Indeed, I once had to walk through human faeces to get to my seat (and have video evidence).

    Having lived in Melbourne for 10 years where they have at least three sports stadiums that all make our effort look like an outdoor toilet, it beggars belief that my 9 year old son will probably be in his mid-20s before we see a decent venue built in Perth.

    Subiaco oval – the ‘Dome’ – the city – the waterfront… all uniquely ‘cringe making’ Worsts of Perth.


  32. My Ning says:

    It’s an interesting ploy from the Barnster – for years he’s been peddling Oakajee, despite some opposition from the Geraldton community (and , in the early days, the Nationals). If built as a designated industrial port as envisaged, Oakjee will be able to take lead concentrates from both Magellan and the yet-to-be-developed Abra mine (whcih is in the Mid West), plus any uranium, given it closer to all this action than Freo.

    Could it be that Colin is attempting to garner urban support for one of his expensive rural projects (the only thing he’s pushed in the country other than building a new Dubai near Broome) by threatening the electorate with poisonous substances?


  33. skink says:

    indeed, I hadn’t thought of that.
    sly move by Barney if he really is that canny, but he doesn’t strike me as someone who will lose political capital in order to achieve concrete aims.

    maybe he is trying to get Rudd to throw some federal nation building pork in the direction of Oakajee. I wouldn’t have objected to that: better than giving cash handouts to bogans


  34. Rolly says:

    Cookster said:

    “Indeed, I once had to walk through human faeces to get to my seat (and have video evidence)”

    That’s why the aerial ping-pong addicts don’t deserve a super-dooper stadium – they can’t look after what they already have.

    If sports fans can’t show a bit more respect for others’ efforts then perhaps they should be held individually responsible for the building and maintenance of the facilities that they so *desperately*(?) need.
    Damned if I see why those for whom organised sports are not of any importance should contribute to the perverted pleasures of the gladiatorial brigade.
    Create a private company where those who wish to avail themselves of sporting arenas can contribute to the *total* cost of building and maintaining them.
    Or try an Opera House style lottery.


  35. My Ning says:

    Cookster – believe me, Grrrr aint no herring smoking hippy…


  36. Cookster says:

    My Ning – balls! I bet he’s got the Phelps Commemorative Bong loaded up as we speak!


  37. I’ve had my suspicions that Grrr is actually Mark McGowan.


  38. My Ning says:

    McGowan’s such a humourless, unsophisticated and numbingly crashing bore that it’s unlikely he’s inhaled anything stronger than the second hand tobacco smoke that used to waft around the Rockingham council chambers before having a quiet ciggie inside was declared illegal….


  39. skink says:

    I’m with Rolly

    Subi gets used once a week and only sells out for derby games. Cookster’s example shows that AFL fans are barely housebroken, and therefore should have their noses rubbed in it.

    if you want a better stadium, get better crowds. The same goes for the WACA (empty seats on Friday) and East Perth (5,000 at the Glory if you are lucky)

    can’t compare it to Melbourne, where on any weekend there are at least three AFL games each weekend across two or three stadia and all with healthy crowds, and with decent public transport to the game, and nice pies.


  40. Rolly says:

    Good God, Skink,

    I hadn’t realised that you were a social pariah too 8D


  41. Cookster says:

    So, Skink’s now joined Grrr in Rolly’s Caravan of Love… aint that nice. All sitting around listening to the Country Hour and bitching about Pat Pong’s latest appearances in the social pages.

    Yes I am an AFL fan, but no, I do not go about shitting on the concrete apron surrounding the Subiaco Oval Sporting Precinct. I am not responsible for the numerous large turds that choked off the sewage system like plaque in a tar ravaged artery.

    In fact, I have not ONCE laid cable in that sporting arena, so will not accept responsibility for its poor upkeep.

    I make the charge that it’s the nonces who attend such events as the Andre Gruyere violin extravaganza who plug the facilities with their sodden adult nappies and loose false teeth.

    And the West Coast Eagles supporters. Turds the lot.

    Skink – I think you’ll find that Subiaco hosts an average of about 31,000 people every week during the AFL season and has a capacity of around 35,000 at a stretch.

    I’m preparing myself to forgive you.


  42. David Cohen says:

    Careful Cookster: skink’s heart is beating like a fucked clock…he feels dreadful, really dreadful…


  43. So you’ve videoed ordure twice in Subi Cookster?


  44. Cookster says:

    I have a heart condition Skink, if you hit me, it’s murder.


  45. Cookster says:

    Both on the one occasion. What impressed me was the fact that they sprayed all the turds with a sweet smelling cleaning fluid and people were happy to stand around in the foetid pools eating their (bad) pies and swilling beer like nothing was wrong.

    You can’t polish a turd, but you can spray it.

    AFL fans aren’t deserving of much really, I’ll admit.


  46. skink says:

    your crowd figures suggest that you are still 4,000 fans short of requiring a new stadium.

    why spend millions on a new stadium when all they need is a few hundred dollars of Huggies?

    we are indeed drifting into the arena of the unwell


  47. Cookster says:

    I must say, that represents a level of hypocrisy in you that I’d previously suspected, but not noticed due to your highly evasive skills.

    Oh dear, I feel like a pig shat in my head. Where are the asprin?


  48. skink says:

    my thumbs have gone weird


  49. Cookster says:

    Are you going to eat that sausage?


  50. This is SUPPOSED to be about Murray and his stonewashing activities.


  51. Cookster says:

    Don’t threaten me with a dead fish!


  52. Rolly says:

    TLA sed

    “This is SUPPOSED to be about Murray and his stonewashing activities.”

    All along same heap a shit.


  53. David Cohen says:

    I think TLA means to have you, Cookster – even if it must be burglary!


  54. Cookster says:

    Cohen, you terrible cunt!!!


  55. Jayzus it will be parrot sketch next. ixnay


  56. Ljuke says:

    I feel relatively confident that I quoted that movie on here the other day. Can’t remember which post though. Had been drinking lighter fluid with anti-freeze chasers.


  57. Frank Calabrese says:

    And another reason why Subi oval isn’t use for anything other than sport and the odd concert is because of the Subi Council putting in a restriction on night use – plus the whinging neighbours who complain about the noise – they KNEW when they bought into the area that there would be crowds and noise.

    Bloody NIMBYS.


  58. Will be fairly quiet this year. The Dockers always lose and the Eagles should also tank again. Should be able to hear turds plopping onto the footpath.


  59. Orbea says:

    “I think you’ll find that Subiaco hosts an average of about 31,000 people every week during the AFL season and has a capacity of around 35,000 at a stretch.”

    why build a new stadium then?


  60. Frank Calabrese says:

    [“I think you’ll find that Subiaco hosts an average of about 31,000 people every week during the AFL season and has a capacity of around 35,000 at a stretch.”]

    The plan was that the stadium would also be used for the Rugby as well as AFL.


  61. Rolly says:

    Orbea wrote:
    “why build a new stadium then?”

    All the better to annoy the neighbours with.


  62. skink says:

    couldn’t the city of Fremantle build their own stadium?

    if they build it down by the docks, then the smell from the live sheep transports will mask the smell of the supporter’s shitting themselves. Lead contamination is unlikely to reduce their fans’ IQ any further. Noise from the ships wouldn’t be a problem because the Dockers can’t hear hooters.

    or is this a daft idea, since most Dockers supporters live nowhere near Fremantle?


  63. Frank Calabrese says:

    [All the better to annoy the neighbours with.]

    And they won’t have to deal with those pesky sick kids across the road at PMH once it moves to Charlies.


  64. poor lisa says:

    All I want to know is where Bon Jovi would play when they’re in town.


  65. Frank Calabrese says:

    [All I want to know is where Bon Jovi would play when they’re in town.]

    There is still Burswood Dome (with it’s crap accoustics) or Members Equity or the WACA.

    Pity Stokes Mothballed the Entertainment Centre


  66. Rolly says:

    poor lisa wrote:

    “All I want to know is where Bon Jovi would play when they’re in town”.

    Does anyone who really matters really care.
    Like, it’s not like it’s music or anything.


  67. skink says:

    interesting circuit:

    Nurry-stonewash denim-6PR-moaners-government spending cuts-stadiums-Bon Jovi –
    we can then get back to stonewash denim and Nurry!

    Mornington Crescent.


  68. Groucho says:

    Would the building of the new open air stadium qualify for the Government’s Free Roof Insulation Grant ?


  69. Frank Calabrese says:

    Speaking of 6PR – circulating dodgy petitions doesn’t help your cause whatsoever.

    Exhibit a:

    doesn’t comply whatsoever with:


  70. poor lisa says:

    Old punk posters, stonewash garments

    Good segues skink but stonewash is where the resemblance ends. Jon Bon Jovi is much hotter, and the lyrics of, let’s pull one out of the bandana, Bad Medicine are far more coherent and incisive than the average nurry spew.


  71. Frank Calabrese says:

    And why haven’t our media reported on this conflict of interest by the Seniors Minister, over this handing over of Seniors personal information in regards to the State Governments Seniors Payment ?

    A company called Salmat was awarded an $800,000 contract to distribute brochures promoting the proposed changes. [1] The Labor Party’s Kelvin Thomson has questioned the decision to award the contract to a Liberal Party donor: “Australian Electoral Commission information reveals that Salmat Limited and one of its directors donated almost $120,000 to the Liberal Party during the latest disclosure period”, he said. [2] Salmat is a publicly listed Australian company.

    this is in regards to this story.


  72. Bill O"Slatter says:

    Key points
    1.WAN said today that The West Australian’s total gross advertising revenue shrank by 6.3 per cent during the half year following a 10.9 per cent dip in classifieds revenue, particularly for employment, motoring and real estate.

    2. Circulation revenue fell 6.1 per cent to $35.1 million.
    And the recession hasn’t bitten yet.
    “We’re setting sail
    To the place on the map from which no one has ever returned
    Torn by the promise of the joker and the fool”.


  73. Frank Calabrese says:

    and I note a conspiracy of silence from The West regarding Fremantle lead exports – not one story in the entire paper

    where is the Toxic Avenger?

    Skink, you didn’t see this ??


  74. Grrr says:

    I go away for a day and day and I’m accused of:
    1. being a herring smoking hippy (I am none of those things
    2. being Mark McGowen (can he use a computer?)

    For shame!

    And Frank: bands should stay the fuck away from East Perth Oval (or ME stadium, if you want to respect their naming rights). It’s a residential area… an established one at that.
    I have some strong opinions on that fact.

    I could comment on the need for the Rugby Teams to use an oval but as I understand it they play 13 games in two years. Now there’s a rate of return I can get behind.

    And Salmat? We get flyers from them all the time. They are desperate for people to stuff our letterbox with crud… and Community News (we have had two copies of Community delivered over the last two years – and they were over the Christmas/New Year break in plastic wrap thrown from a white unmarked van (Claremont killer link? – check?). A clear case of circulation boost.


  75. Grrr says:

    I go away for a day and day and I’m accused of:

    Damn lack of edit function.


  76. skink says:

    I didn’ t see that Frank
    why wasn’t it in the print version?

    I saw the blog discussion on the West web, which was written by nurry and posetd by Grace, but without his byline

    the Toxic Avenger was operating incognito

    note that Marcus Padley says that Macquarie Group maintain West Australian Newspapers at UNDERPERFORM with 325c target after their poor results yesterday. GSJB Were keep SELL and 420c target.


  77. Grrr says:

    A salient point, if I may, on using East Perth or Subiaco (based on the fact the Weagles are whining in today’s paper):
    those facilities were put in in a different era to serve a much smaller population.

    The traffic congestion around Thomas Street, Roberts Road and the various backstreets of Subi now is horrendous at most hours, much less whenever the hordes show up to wave their little flags and sing their songs about men chasing each other round the field.

    What I have always said is that the new facility needs to be established with a significant buffer zone to residential areas, and with a much better public transport system than seems to serve Subi.

    Particularly if State and Local Governments are going to continue to allow the use of these venues for amplified music – which is a distressing and increasing trend.

    Who among us can comprehend the horrors of living 5km away from East Perth oval and being assaulted by the vocal chords of Ms Celine Dion for hours, and then one week later some bland MOR rock band?

    I can. It’s not pretty.


  78. It could have been Pariah Carey


  79. poor lisa says:

    Grrr – 5km and an assault? You must have sensitive ears. I live in earshot of ME, the WACA (probably about 0.5km from each), the Dome, Heirrisson Island, Wellington Square, the Esplanade, and probably other places that they have festivals that I can’t be bothered dropping e’s at, and you only ever get vague waves of sound that might spoil one’s appreciation of sounds including freeway roar, trains, jetskis on the river, helicopter joyflights, and all the other aural experiences that are part of inner city living.

    The exception was Billy Joel, which was horrendously loud and horrendous fullstop. Hearing ‘We didn’t start the fire’ in the bedroom is not something I would’ve chosen.

    That complaint aside, surely it’s a case of suck it up or move to Kalamunda….


  80. Bill O"Slatter says:

    move to Kalamunda…. or Dumby.


  81. Rolly says:

    Either hard of hearing or significantly desensitised, poor lisa.
    Adds to my conviction that dwellers within modern urban environments have lost touch with life as a reality.
    They know bugger all outside the confines of the human sophistry within which they are constrained and are convinced that there is nothing worth knowing beyond the narrow perspective of their limited experience.


  82. Ljuke says:


    Surely you weren’t saying that the night that Kiss played?


  83. Bill O"Slatter says:

    “The bourgeoisie has subjected the country to the rule of the towns. It has created enormous cities, has greatly increased the urban population as compared with the rural, and has thus rescued
    a considerable part of the population from the idiocy of rural life.” The Communist Manifesto ,
    Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels. 1888.


  84. skink says:

    clearly Comrade Marx failed to predict the rise of Brendumb Grylls and his party of rural idiots.


  85. poor lisa says:

    Hear Hear M&E.

    Rolly! thanks for making me aware that I lead a life of quiet desperation. Unlike the soulful people who live in the paradise of Scarborough. OK I’m going off to buy a caravan so I can reconnect with “life as a reality” (Whatever the fuck that means).

    Perhaps you should take out an ad in Nova : “Tell me approximately where you live and whether noise bothers you or not, and I’ll tell you all about yourself”. Could be a nice earner.

    I AM in fact hard of hearing, which I admit helps living close to the city. (that’s from prolonged youthful exposure to loud music, which I guess is a complete circle).

    How did we get so off topic again. Nurry Nurry Nurry.


  86. Hovean says:

    We are media
    seven forests converted
    I am medium


  87. Rolly says:

    Bill O’S,
    So once again capitalism succeeded where communism failed :)


  88. Rolly says:

    poor, poor lisa,
    Please don’t take everything so personally.
    But, if the c(r)ap fits, please feel free to wear it.


  89. poor lisa says:

    I like taking everything personally because it means I am the centre of the universe.
    I actually think you could make the Nova thing work Rolly…


  90. David Cohen says:

    Caravaners ho!
    No noise in a Coromal
    But one hand crapping.


  91. Clogged South West Highway
    But the Baravan moves on
    Like a dying snail.


  92. Rolly says:

    Maybe, p l, but I’m far too cynical and skeptical for that.

    I do love the way these threads wander off into total irrelevancy (as well as irreverency) to the original posting without the slightest self consciousness on behalf of the commentors; TLA included.

    Millards Rule! OK?


  93. Biil O'Slatter says:

    Either or logic

    the dark Baravian rant

    Marxist truths invert


  94. I tried to bring it into line, but no one took any notice.


  95. My Ning says:

    If Taylor gets editor, will Nurry get politics?


  96. Tony Bare-arse cranky about Crikey’s spelling of his name. Apparently it’s Bare-ass, not Bare arse.


  97. skink says:

    apparently Limpwrist was on Bob Maumill yesterday – did anyone hear him?

    he admitted to ‘making mistakes’

    WAToday used it as an opportunity to kick him when he was down

    Chalpat says that the ALP were Armstrong’s biggest critics, but I think we deserve that homour


  98. Frank Calabrese says:

    apparently Limpwrist was on Bob Maumill yesterday – did anyone hear him?

    no, but here is the interview in question.


  99. Grrr says:

    It’s not that I want to bash Paul Murray, I have nothing serious against him or his columns… although some of the criticisms here are just (or just plain hilarious – just the other day I stopped a random stranger in the street and showed him a print out of My Ning’s Blue Velvet column) but I’ve just sat down to eat my dinner and flick through Saturday’s West.

    Apparently he’s discovered Jon Stewart…. about a decade after the rest of the world.

    I shake my head in shame. Is there not a single person with a passing interest in economics and access to YouTube that had not watched the March 13 demolition of Jim Cramer on The Daily Show already?


  100. Yes, that was pretty funny. He’ll be discovering the internet next. He does seem to be trying harder though don’t you think? Perhaps the threat of the axe has meant a little less laziness? Or perhaps Cronin has pointed out that with his sense of humour bypass that comedy wasn’t the way to go.


  101. Grrr says:

    He had discovered the Internet: he popped in a reference to The Drudge Report, which is probably the first time anyone has referenced Drudge since 2001.

    It’s very cutting edge.


  102. Weren’t you the one that said ease up on the tired old buffoon? He has actually been trying lately so I haven’t been hammering him. Sounds like you miss the Murray bashing?


  103. had to laugh at poor old Teh Paul reading the Steve Martin biography in todays paper. I expect he’s taking notes on comic…………timing from Martin in the Pink panther tonight.


    • Grrr says:

      I had to laugh when he started his column noting that it has been a quiet week in Allen Park…. rambled on to a story about a child rolling on the grass…. and then I wondered if he was trying to create a mythos around himself, like Garrison Keillor…. (except I read them in that Angus Securities voiuce) if he’s planning to compile his columns into a book….

      Then I stopped reading because I wasn’t that interested in his opinion.

      It’s about as pedestrian as the rest of The West these days. It’s…. odd.
      It may not have been great under Armstrong, or even good, but it wasn’t as wet. Are they re-grouping? Mapping out a strategy, or taking their lead from Community Newspapers now?


  104. Pingback: Paul Murray: Taking it up the arse | The Worst of Perth

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