Outrage Sunday 39 hit me baby one more time

Saw Oz Day fireworks at Freo yachtie central. Instinctively thought I should be patiently assembling thoughtful montage of abandoned/broken/violated esky lids, with wine-bottle dropping topless lesbian stiltknitters in the hempy background – but couldn’t be bothered, as I knew I had JJ’s Oz Day, er, recreation in the bag. Not Worst, and outstanding lawn.


Went to Rottnest during the week: it’s still there. Seats over a bit cramped, though, as you admire “just water and more water”.

Did see esky action at Cott, though. Was not tempted to help self.


Say hello to my friend Yogi BarleyMaxMan, cereal superhero with the wired and gaint digestive tract.

BarleyMaxMan sez: “The cold hard facts of chronic diseases in Australia highlight the need for practical, effective diet and lifestyle solutions that can help lift the burden of chronic disease impacting so heavily on our Nation.”

But some think BarleyMaxMan’s endosperm is “somewhat disappointing…a little dry”.

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10 Responses to Outrage Sunday 39 hit me baby one more time

  1. Margeryx says:

    You nailed Rottnest there, Rotoobloggo. And the views of the water are the best part of any trip to Rotto.


  2. Snuff says:

    Chronic disease or chronic flatulence. Some choice.


  3. The Legend 101 says:

    That sign was not needed.


  4. DudeCloverdale says:

    Nice axe


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